How to Design a Flashy, Unique Stage for Your Band’s Next Concert

Planning a successful live music performance event requires weeks of preparation, and the process gets more engaging towards the event date. Proper rehearsal can help you entertain the guests, but you should not ignore the impact of a flashy stage on your event. Setting up a concert stage is an important part of organizing an event that involves connecting several pieces of equipment. Learning how to design a flashy stage will help you connect with your audience intimately and showcase your band’s creativity.

Install Atmospheric Lighting Fixtures

Lighting is an important aspect of setting up a concert stage as it can transform the view if the lens color, texture, and intensity are right. Lightweight LED fixtures are ideal for a concert stage because they produce less heat, hence less heating. In addition, lightweight LED stage lighting can be fixed at different points in the stage because they weigh considerably less than traditional luminaries. A DMX controller is an important piece of equipment for controlling the lighting fixtures’ intensity, color, and movement on the stage. Also, you can use the device to blend colors, fading light in and out, and time the strobes to the tempo of your tracks.

Extend and Raise the Stage

A large stage helps create a lasting impact on how your audience experiences the performance. Some companies, like Sandhill Plastics, know that constructing an additional platform using things like plastic sheets that extend towards the crowd will allow you to interact with your audience. An extended and raised stage will give the audience a better view of the artists, especially if several props crowd the stage. At least 24 inches above the ground is ideal as you will have space to put subwoofer cabinets.

Declutter the Stage

Setting up a concert stage results in wires, crates, and AV equipment accumulating on the stage, which can distract or obstruct the view of your audience. In addition, clutter, such as wires lying on the ground, can be hazardous to your band. Decluttering the stage will help make the stage safe and immerse your audience into the performance. Since the wires cannot be removed entirely from the stage, you should consider cloaking them behind fences, curtains, and other design elements.

A perfectly designed concert stage can help improve live performance. Designing a stage should start by considering the audience’s point of view because if they can’t see your band, then the special effects and lighting fixtures will not matter. Regardless of the size of the crowd and venue, you will be sure of a memorable performance if you consider these stage design ideas.