Attack the Sound Teams up with JoelQ for Upbeat Remix of “People Make Love”

In their beloved collaborative spirit, R&B band Attack the Sound have teamed up with Chicago’s JoelQ in their Valentines Day hit “People Make Love”. Previously accompanied by a sultry music video, the “People Make Love” remix highlights the unique talents of the eight-piece band who are ready to take 2022’s new energy by storm. Thriving in a LIVE setting, Attack the Sound’s new hit releases off of the heels of notable performance opportunities on Chicago’s Windy City LIVE, WGN TV as well as opening for popular rapper Taylor Bennett. Fusing jazzy Hip Hop combos with rock and gospel influences, Attack the Sound has created a genre all on its own, delivering wide appeal to the increasing demand for new and unique sounds.
“Now time runs, From night to day / Girl come with me, So I can hold you close / And then all you’ll hear, From ear to ear, Is whispers / Sweet whispers in the dark” ~ People Make Love
Channeling the classic love song vibes from original R&B hits, “People Make Love” celebrates one of the most primal feelings in life – LOVE. Their organic energy, passion and robust sound is a breath of fresh air, not only for Chicago music but for fans across the globe who crave the synergy of a full band in a world flooded with electronic dance music. “People Make Love” taps into a primal yet lighthearted energy that shows off a different side of Attack the Sounds’ personality, displaying their multi-dimensionality, versatility and willingness to be vulnerable for the love of the music.