New Video By Flume feat. MAY-A “Say Nothing”

Capturing the free-spirited nature of electronic music and bringing it to the mainstream is an incredible feat. With hypnotic, abstract compositions like “Never Be Like You” and “You & Me,” Australian musician, DJ, and record producer Flume brought the feeling of wanderlust to people around the globe. Flume’s talent knows no bounds, as he builds immersive soundscapes that revolve around the pursuit of creative freedom. Now he’s gearing up for the highly anticipated release of Palaces, an album heavily shaped by the beauty of Australian wildlife. The motif of nature serves as a recurring theme in the audio and visual concept of the album, with Flume integrating field recordings into the final master of his songs. Palaces features star-studded lineup of collaborators, including Damon Albarn, Caroline Polachek, KUCKA, LAUREL, MAY-A, Oklou, Virgen Maria, and Emma Louise. The album aims to bring to life the magic and beauty of the natural world through the medium of electronic dance music. The Grammy Award-winning artist is also set to headline at major music festivals this year, such as Coachella, Bonnaroo, and Governors Ball.

Fall into the dreamy realm of Flume’s creative vision in his latest single, “Say Nothing,” an eclectic blend of melodic pop and electronic music and a head-first dive into his vivid imagination. The song features up-and-coming singer MAY-A, who – at the young age of 20 – is already garnering her own cult following. She brings grounded lyricism and emotional intensity that harmoniously melts into Flume’s iconic, hypnotizing soundscape. The visuals are reminiscent of a hallucinogenic trip: mesmerizing with a hint of uneasiness of the unknown. Let MAY-A’s alluring melodies be the guiding voice to help you traverse through hypnotic scenes of synchronized choreography, artistic set designs, and mind-bending projections to the credit of creative director Jonathan Zawada.

Zawada and Flume make an unstoppable duo, working together on some of the most successful visuals in Flume’s discography, including the video for “The Difference.” Together, they’ve developed a signature style of trippy electronic effects and colorful cinematography that reflects the vibrant atmosphere of Flume’s music. With euphoric, bass-heavy beats that course through your veins and an addicting chorus, you are sure to become wrapped up in the free-flowing spirit of “Say Nothing.”