Can Teenagers Outsmart Tech? A Look  At Keyloggers and Location Trackers

Technology has advanced so much that it can seem impossible to keep up as you get older. As a student, you can now use smart technologies such as proxies to bypass any school firewall. Firewalls are commonly used to block some social networks and gaming sites on school computers.

A residential proxy can allow anyone to connect to the internet without directly touching the end server, allowing the user to view any web page privately. Many sites offer a great residential proxy, if you’re looking for one check this out. Residential proxies are software systems that allow users to have different IP addresses to make each online search unique and they can easily be used by teenagers. 

Hacking or tracking is commonly done to retrieve secret information, and therefore most times, the person being hacked or tracked doesn’t even know it’s happening. It is now a common thing on the internet; absolutely any company can do it. The big question for teenagers seeking privacy is whether your mother can do it? 

Keyloggers and Location Trackers 

The accessibility and cost of having a tracking device has become simple and cheap or, in some cases, even free. Most parents find it very important to monitor their teenager’s phone, computer, or tablet to ensure they are not exposed to online harm or threats. Unlike with adults, it is legal for parents to hack their children and teenagers devices as long as the intention is good. 

The other common question asked by someone who wants to use a spying app is “Will I get caught?” The answer to this is no, as keyloggers are undetectable spying tools. 

Using the Android Keylogger App 

The main feature with keylogger apps is that they allow hidden processes making it impossible to detect on the device being tracked. Most of them are very easy to use as they store data in “Log Files.” Keylogger apps also have an upload-on wifi feature, which means that the tracked device doesn’t use the device’s mobile data. 

5 Best Keyloggers and Tracking Apps

  • Kidlogger

Kidlogger is a free app that allows parents access to their children’s computers or smartphones. Kidlogger is a parental control software that is compatible with most operating systems. It gives all the information on activity for your child’s mobile device or computer. 

The Kidlogger system allows you to know all this information by:

  • Letting you know how long your child has been working on their PC.
  • Showing which apps were used on the device 
  • Showing which websites were visited
  • Showing you the call log
  • Showing the areas the user went to and any pictures taken
  • Spyzie 

Spyzie is a location tracking app that is simple and easy to use. In addition to location, it allows you to access a call log, web browsing history, keylogger, and geo-fencing. 

The main features associated with the Spyzie app are: 

  • That it provides a real-time location 
  • It has an interface that can be accessed remotely via the web
  • It also gives information from social media 
  • The premium package starts at $29.99
  • Panspy

Panspy is an app that allows real-time tracking on a virtual map. It also allows tracking of text messages, calls, and social media. 

The main features of the Panspy app are: 

  • Tracking cell phone activity, for example, text messages, calls, and photos 
  • Showing real-time location
  •  It can only be used on android devices
  • It also allows remote control
  • The premium version of the app starts at $24.99
  • Find My Device 

Find my device is an app developed by Google to find devices. It is compatible with most android devices and allows information to be kept safely. 

The main features for the Find My Device app are: 

  • That it allows the user to find a misplaced device
  • It has a user-friendly interface 
  • By using the ‘Play Sound’ feature, you can trigger the lost device to make a sound
  • It’s a completely free app 
  • Famikit 

Famikit is also another parental control app designed for monitoring kids. Similar to other apps, it should be installed on both devices. 

The main features of the Famikit app are that:

  • It gives real-time location
  • It allows you to block any unwanted content through remote control
  • It allows you to set time limits for your child
  • This app costs as little as $7.99 per month

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using a Keylogger App


  • It is considered ethical hacking 
  • It is simple to install and use
  • It has a discrete and stealth mode to avoid detection


  • You have to have access to the device you wish to track without the user’s knowledge


The answer to the question we asked at the top is a resounding yes. Your mother can easily track and check your cell phone using any of the apps (or similar ones) we have mentioned. She could even be doing it right now without you knowing. All she has to do is simply have the app installed on her child’s device and her own. Then she can start tracking and keeping an eye on her child and how they use their device.