Marq Electronic Releases Tempting Trance Track ‘I Thought I Knew It All’

Marq Electronica has become an absolute staple in my daily soundtrack. His discography grows more diverse every time I check it, and it’s safe to say each one has been added to my playlists. His deep house sound proved useful when the world was pretty bleak back in 2020, which is when this rising artist debuted. Although, you wouldn’t think it since his Spotify streams have swelled to an eye-watering 119,000 since then. What I find so intriguing about Marq Electronica is his unwavering adventurous spirit. He’s delved into different realms of the electronic landscape, deep house, techno, EDM and electro-pop. For his latest track, Marq Electronica flexes his versatility once again as he takes us into the trance side of his sound. 

‘I Thought I Knew It All’ kicks off with an eerily optimistic guitar riff. Repetitive, spacious and soft; you’d think you were entering another electro-pop experience. Yet, Marq quickly consumes us with the dark, ambient atmosphere of the track. His vocals cut through the instrumental with powerful presence. His passionate performance always elevates each of his tracks, but especially this one. Lyrically, ‘I Thought I Knew It All’ is all about being blindsided by a sudden break up. So, it’s no surprise, that the natural passion in Marq Electronica’s shines brightly in this track. The way in which Marq mixes a repetitive, swelling bass line with a spacious guitar sailing over the top is completely hypnotic. It’s an interesting mix, too. As the electro-pop type riff is a captivating contrast to the trance-like bass and percussion. But, that’s what we love about Marq Electronica. He’s not afraid to fuse his influences and pave his own way — and, boy, does it sound good. 

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