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@skopemag news – friday – february 4, 2022 @ 7 pm est

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Kick and the Hug’s Debut Album Turns Nostalgic Sounds into Their Own Musical Blend

Debut album release from the indie pop band Kick and the Hug, Ladies and Gentlemen, Kick and the Hug, for a possible feature on your site. The title of the album suggests an introduction, not just to the band and the music, but to what they hope becomes the LIVE experience.

Good Morning Bedlam Stretch The Boundaries Of Folk Music On New Album Lulu

“We want to surprise our audience from song to song,” says Good Morning Bedlam frontman Isaak Elker. “Rather than creating our music to fit a genre, we allow it to be an outpouring of our own stories and unique sound.” Elker, joined in Good Morning Bedlam by his wife Tori on bass and band co-founder Sophia Mae Beyer on fiddle, spent over 200 days playing shows to their ever-growing fanbase in 2019 before the world shut down. In February of 2021, Isaak, Sophia, and Tori returned to Carpet Booth Studios—right where they’d left off tracking new songs in March 2020—to work with Zach Zurn on their third full-length record Lulu.

INDUCTION: Progressive Power Metal Quintet Unveils “Sacrifice” Single/Video

After recently announcing their signing to Atomic Fire Records, progressive power metal quintet INDUCTION today unveils a downright anthem and the first milestone in the row of several singles waiting be unleashed this year with “Sacrifice.”

Just in time for Super Bowl 56 Sons of Silver releases “Who’s Gonna Stop Us” an empowering rock n’ roll sports anthem

A melodically precise guitar lick pierces the propulsive gallop of “Who’s Gonna Stop Us?” asthe momentum practically drives the groove off the rails towards a punk-y chant. “I was pushing for it to be something really fast,” frontman Argyropoulos says. “We let it all out.”

Letting Up Despite Great Faults Shares “She Spins” Via Under the Radar, ‘IV’ Album Out March 4th

Austin-based shoegaze/dreampop greats Letting Up Despite Great Faults share “She Spins,” their third single off their upcoming album, IV, due out March 4th. “She Spins,” a jangly, swirling track backed by catchy drums and electric guitar riffs, is laden with introspective and vulnerable lyrics, as vocalist/guitarist Mike Lee questions the insecurity felt in a relationship. The last single before their long-awaited comeback album is released, “She Spins” offers a perfect encapsulation of the band today, returning to music with lyric-forward, refined, and shimmering tracks that reflects their growth, both as a band and as people.

BEYOND THE STYX: French metallic hardcore squad’s new album ‘Sentence’ out now

Beyond the Styx drops their anticipated third record, Sentence, today (04 February 2022). The album sees the Tours-based metallic hardcore crew strongly showcasing resistance to global injustice and passionately echoing the mental struggles evoked from this unjust world. The album is now available via WTF Records (CD and vinyl) and Diorama Records (cassette) and being distributed via Season Of Mist.

New EP: Cinematic piano-driven musical journey

AJ Wander, the son of a pianist father, had music in his genes from an early age. Varying instruments were scattered around his childhood home in the suburbs of south-east London – a musical landscape that inspired a young AJ to sing, play and eventually to write.

8 KALACAS Releases “Pudrete” Video

Influenced by the Mariachi and Cumbia traditions of Mexico while also being true children of a globalized world, 8 KALACAS stands for a new era in rock and metal music; music for anyone who feels at home in these intoxicating tunes. It’s no coincidence that “calaca” means “skull” in Spanish. “No matter who you are, the color of your skin, the type of people you love, what god you believe in, the poverty, or the wealth: when you die, the only thing left is the fucking kalaca.”

Emotive hardcore supergroup Zero Trust drop new single “Dead Issue”

Today, experimental hardcore outfit Zero Trust shared their emotive new single “Dead Issue”, out now on Equal Vision Records. The band is a coalition of NJHC and NYHC talent, featuring vocalist BJ Allen (Full Scale Riot, Ghidrah, GMK) guitarists Zack Thorne (Bulldoze, Agents of Man, Skarhead) and Mike Milewski (Bulldoze, Homicidal), bassist and backing vocalist Travis Stever (Coheed and Cambria) and drummer Evan Rossiter (Full Scale Riot, Organyc). The group pushes the boundaries of hardcore, metalcore and jagged alternative rock, creating music that is intensely melodic while remaining undeniably aggressive.

Former The Launch and Mini Pop Kid Grows Up: Punk Rocker Victoria Alex is “Screaming” to Be Heard

For Canadian alt. pop-punk artist Victoria Alex, the unleashing of her debut new single “Screaming” lands very much as an anthem — both personally, and professionally.

Joey Melrose Delivers “You Again” Prod By Based1

Joey Melrose releases his latest single “You Again”. The young pop star grabs up multi-platinum grammy award winner Based1 for the first release off his debut EP “Fountain Of Youth” which is slated for a summer release of 2022. Joey delivers us a melodic but very catchy hook along with a meaningful energetic verse. Overall “You Again” has a nice bouncy smooth vibe to it to make you want replay it a few times. We expect Joey to become a house hold name in 2022. Stream “You Again” on all major platforms.

Xanakin Skywok enlists ssjishmael for new single + video

The animated lyric video produced by A.V. Got Drip coincides with the release, featuring action-packed scenes from popular anime series Jujutsu Kaisen. Stream/watch “Big Spenders” below and stay tuned for more news to follow from both artists.

PHARMACOSE Releases New SIngle, “Pretty Porcelain;” New LP, ‘Prescription Fiction,’ Out NOW!

“‘Pretty Porcelain’ is a song I wrote right before the pandemic started. Lu and I had been recording together for a while, but I wanted to start doing some things on my own to bring to him. For me, being in the studio is a blast. Few things in life are as fun for me. I wanted to be able to bring some of that home, so I started putting together a home studio. It was primitive at the time because it was a small room in an apartment. The acoustics weren’t good, but I wrote and recorded the song anyhow. It turned out just okay. I was going to get Lu to mix it regardless, so I took all the tracks to him, and we just decided to redo most everything. At the very least, having a fully tracked demo makes things go a lot faster in the studio. I think we knocked out the recording in one or two sessions and finalized the mix in another. I’m very happy the song is getting released, because it represents the first steps on my own journey to become a better producer. I feel I’ve come a long way, and later in the year some of the stuff I produced on my own will come out.