Huge Surge in Popularity of Online Poker during Pandemic

The online poker industry in the United States is worth approximately $4.2 billion. And it has been steadily increasing for the last few years when many players couldn’t afford to play for high stakes in person. The same situation is going on around the globe. From America to Africa, the same increase in the demand for online poker is happening. 

Online poker sites are also attracting new players who want the convenience of playing from home or anywhere. They can play with an internet connection and not having to deal with crowds or traffic at casinos.

Impact of Pandemic on Online Gaming

During the lockdown, all types of online gaming platforms experienced a huge increase in player activity. The same trends happened on casino sites where gamblers invested more money and time playing their favorite games. The gambling industry, overall, is more profitable than brick-and-mortar casinos. The fact that gaming is a global market makes it even more lucrative.

Casinos so far have remained immune from the effects of the pandemic. More and more players are attracted to these sites, and they are earning a lot of money from playing their favorite games.

Many players would want to play for higher stakes games but restrictions imposed by the government are still in place. Online poker sites aren’t affected by such restrictions, which allow them to offer much higher limits for games than their nearby competitors.  

Why is Online Poker so Famous?

If you love playing poker for real money, you have to check out the numerous advantages of playing this game on your mobile device. Playing poker on your mobile device is convenient in many ways. First, it’s very easy and saves time. You don’t have to wait for any software or download to install before you can play. 

Online poker sites are designed with common screen sizes in mind. They offer a fast and convenient way of playing the game from your mobile device at any time. Many poker sites also provide a user-friendly interface, making it easy to play even if you’ve never played online before.

Gambling Industry in South Africa

The gambling industry in South Africa is the second-largest economic market in Africa. The gambling sector has been expanding in recent years, contributing to the economic growth of the country. Gambling is one of the fastest-growing industries in South Africa.

South African residents gamble through various channels such as on-site, online, and lottery. Online betting remains popular among gamblers due to increased accessibility, convenience, and availability. Popular players prefer playing online because it offers a greater number of betting options, allows for better odds and security.

The popularity of Online Poker in South Africa

Online poker rarely penetrated the African market until the internet was widely available for normal users. The unique and engaging nature of South African online poker made it one of the most popular games around the world according to

The South African poker industry is very young and developing fast. It has grown from almost zero in the last few years.

South African poker players are increasing their bankrolls with every new month that passes but there are not many cards to be played on the South African scene yet compared with other markets.

Future of Online Poker and Casino Games

The popularity of online poker and casino games will continue to grow with more players. Players are looking for convenience and easy access to playing favorite games.

Poker and casino game players have an increasing need to play at anytime and anyplace. The development of good gaming products will further increase their demand.


A gaming industry of this size will keep growing as long as people have an interest in playing games and money to spend on gambling. The growth is driven by the expansion in mobile internet around the world.

People these days choose to play online poker because it’s more convenient and allows them to play at home, at work, or at any second. Poker players like that very much.

One thing for sure, there’ll be plenty of poker sites coming up to fill the market in South Africa, that is why you should keep an eye out for new ones that happen to pop up in your spare time.