5 Types of Gamblers You Might Encounter Online

Gambling is a pleasant and entertaining experience for millions of people around the world. The gambling industry is attracting the attention of more and more customers nowadays as online casinos and betting websites are on the rise. 

However, gambling can also be addictive, meaning you should experience caution. If you’re seeking professional help, don’t hesitate to find a service near you

People gamble for various reasons. To some, it’s a form of entertainment. To others, it’s a thrilling way of making lots of money. Here are five types of gamblers you might encounter online.


Professional gamblers are the ones who make a living by gambling. Being a professional gambler requires several important gambling skills and traits. Therefore, it’s the rarest category of gamblers you might encounter online. 

Usually, professional gamblers choose to play games they’re extremely experienced in. They observe the process and carefully plan their next move. They also need to be in control of their emotions: You won’t succeed in gambling if you easily get angry or frustrated. That’s why patience is one of the most important traits of a professional gambler.

Some of the games allow players to use their skills of logical and analytical thinking to boost their chances of winning. So, professional gamblers need to master these skills.

A professional gambler mustn’t become addicted to gambling. Addiction affects one’s patience as well as one’s ability to think rationally. Professional gamblers keep a watchful eye on the time and money spent gambling.

Casual Social

These people gamble mostly for entertainment purposes. Casual, social gamblers view gambling as a way to de-stress and socialize.

Casual, social gamblers don’t invest too much time in gambling; they visit betting websites and online casinos from time to time simply to relax. When they visit physical casinos, they mostly want to meet new people or enjoy a night with their friends. 

Serious Social

For serious social gamblers, gambling is a way to cope, as well as the main source of entertainment and relaxation. They spend more time gambling than casual social gamblers. A serious social gambler is much more common than a casual social gambler.

Serious social gamblers gamble to cope with stress. They don’t hesitate to risk quite high amounts of money to win as much as possible. Gambling is an efficient way of stress-relieving to them as long as they’re maintaining control over their activities.

Relief and Escape

Much like a serious social gambler, a relief and escape gambler visits online casinos to deal with stress. However, a relief and escape gambler often tries to find relief from anxiety, depression and loneliness. 

Relief and escape gamblers use gambling to escape from certain difficulties of life. Sometimes, they fail because their emotional state affects their judgment and rational thinking. 


Compulsive gamblers spend too much money and time gambling. They’re constantly trying to win a massive amount of money in order to compensate for the recent loss. This can lead to an unhealthy addiction. If someone you know is showing signs of gambling addiction, this might mean this person is a compulsive gambler.

Final Thoughts About Online Gambling

You might encounter many different types of gamblers online, so if you find live casino games entertaining, it’s important to know what to expect.