Did you hear about the Saviors of NFT World aka The Shangu Legends?

About the Shangu Legends NFT

Legends of Shangu is an NFT collection inspired by the 12 legendary animals who defend the Shangu Valley during Chinese New Year. David Huynh, a well-known cartoonist, created these NFTs using his hands. The project team hoped that users would possess more than only NFTs, but also a piece of culture with futuristic functionality. Holders profit from the project’s structure in various ways. The NFT industry has expanded considerably in the preceding year. The vast majority of NFT initiatives are merely smudges on the expanding universe’s surface. Because of its quick expansion, major corporations like Instagram and VISA have begun to study the industry. The number of phony NFT businesses and fraudulent frauds increased as the industry progressed.

History of Shangu Legends

China is a country rich in myths and legends. The Legends of Shangu are based on an ancient legend about the Jade Emperor. The Jade Emperor dispatched the immortal being to Earth to create an army of monsters to protect the heavenly gate against the evil beast Nian. To battle evil, the Legends of Shangu were created in the same way. These legends conquered Nian and brought the Shangu Valley back to peace. With the purpose of restoring the spirit of the NFT market, the team has designed a new idea inspired by this legend. During Chinese New Year, the artwork depicts a troop of 12 legendary monsters defending the Shangu valley.

David Huynh, a well-known cartoonist, created these randomly generated NFTs from 277 qualities by hand. Each Shangu Valley story features a total of 7,777 objects. Prepare yourself for the famous’ reassertion.

How to Participate?

A cultural project that ensures users’ honesty and safety. Being the proud owner of a Legend includes more than just owning an NFT. It’s about owning a piece of history with unequaled potential use, a vision that continuously rewards its holders, and a marketing plan devised by some of the world’s finest digital gurus and marketers. To have a better grasp of the project’s approach, let’s take a look at it.

  1. The mission will begin with the revelation that the Shangu’s Valley Legends have awakened to conquer the Multiverse world. An investment fund has been formed to finance the expansion of our community, promotional development, public pocket, designs, and creativity.
  2. The awakening event will bring in the Multiverse’s first Legend. People who already own David Huynh’s work will be able to take part in the first Legend’s awakening sale.
  3. Legends of Shangu have made a significant announcement! To promote the marketing and industry, we launched our famous advertising campaign and collaborated with some of the world’s leading companies.
  4. Legends Club will be built on a digital real estate plot purchased in the Sandbox. Shangu’s collection will also be checked out at sea.
  5. A play-to-earn Legends game will be developed. The owner of the NFTs will have the option to stake these NFTs in this game.
  6. Embark with David Huynh on the second project.

Work Until the Time

The developer’s head has already begun planning to attract cultural icons like Drake, Chriss Brown, Kylie Jenner, Leonardo Dicaprio, and others to the Legends of Shangu. These Icons will be rebuilt and redeemed. Legends NFT holders will have exclusive access to the Legends merchandise collection. Through a virtual Legends Club, holders would be able to contact entrepreneurs and icons.

Because the project team values transparency, a community vote will determine how the funds in the Community wallet are spent. A one-of-a-kind deal is that if you purchase three legendary NFTs from this collection, you will receive one free collection from the collection that follows. On the Play-to-Earn platform, an NFT game.

The crew has devised an unusual handout route with a slew of advantages for users. A Legends NFT 10/10 collection promo dollar will be presented to a fortunate winner when the product reaches 10% SOLD. When the campaign reaches 30% SOLD, 20 community collectors will get a free NFT of Legends. The advantages grow more appealing as we proceed. At 50% SOLD, the first ten people who minted will get a $10,000 Ethereum airdrop.

If the selling rate hits 70%, the famous NFT will be airdropped to 5 people. With 90% of the collection sold out, 20 people will get $10,000 in Ethereum. In addition, a famous part will be established in each of the major cities where the project’s staff live.

Final Words

For individuals who are motivated by these heroes, this program provides a seamless and customized acceleration platform. As a reward for joining the governance token system, community members may be granted exclusive early access to future project launches, such as the upcoming Legends of Shangu launch.