Checking Out ‘Ghost Hotel’ by Karen Morand & The Bosco Boys

Are you looking for a refreshing take on Americana with Soul galore? Then it’s time to check in to ‘Ghost Hotel’ and enjoy all of its accommodating sounds. This new release from award-winning singer/songwriter Karen Morand & The Bosco Boys is a surefire hit in my book!

Karen Morand handles lead/backing vocals, acoustic guitar and keys and The Bosco Boys are: Benny Santoro on drums & percussion and Aaron Verhulst on electric guitar, acoustic guitar, pedal steel and mandolin. There are also a number of featured guests on ‘Ghost Hotel’ that add that extra charm to the whole experience. With elements of country, alternative folk and soulful roots, one can’t go wrong with ‘Ghost Hotel’ by Karen Morand & The Bosco Boys.

The album starts up with the title track, “Ghost Hotel”, that is a scary, good time. Right away, the listener will pick up on a rootsy, country tone along with stellar vocals & musicianship that is pleasing to the ears. On track two, “Beautiful Scars”, I am hearing rich substance down to the core with a commanding presence & performance by Karen Morand & The Bosco Boys. Get ready for mindful music on “Locked Down & Out” where I am really diggin’ the guitar chords on this song. Track four, “Never Enough”, offers up a great vibe and melody along with a strong delivery from Karen. I truly feel Karen Morand was feeling it and in the zone on “Never Enough” from a vocal and artist standpoint. Next, one will receive a lovely harmony on “Evangeline” with inspiring lyrics and voices that are reaching to the stars and the heavens. Track six, “Easy”, provides a steady, rollin’ rhythm that will hook you in immediately and just has that easy-breezy kind of feel to it. On the following song, “Neverland”, Karen is shining bright musically, vocally and lyrically. Karen Morand gives a heartfelt performance on “Neverland” that will warm your soul. Track eight, “Smoke & Fire”, serves up some sizzling notes and is cooking up quite a main chorus here. Karen Morand & The Bosco Boys ends the record with my favorite morning beverage, “Coffee”. The catchy, peppy beat on “Coffee” will give you just the right boost for your day.

Ghost Hotel’ is a phenomenal album and Karen Morand proves that she is a real powerhouse when it comes to her powerful voice. The Bosco Boys add excellent instrumentation to the mix and overall the sound & style is top-notch. I thoroughly enjoyed ‘Ghost Hotel’ by Karen Morand & The Bosco Boys and can’t wait to hear more!