The Connectivity After the Pandemic Outbreak – Benjamin Gordon Palm Beach Says That the AI Disruption Will Stay

The pandemic outbreak has redefined connectivity. It has also immersed us in a speeded-up digitalization process. We can question ourselves whether this process can get reversed or if it has placed companies on the way to an emerging digital society.

Valuable insights by Benjamin Gordon Palm Beach

The change has been relevant, and we require some insights into the pre-pandemic world. The formal definition of broadband in the USA remains 3Mbps upload and 25Mbps download. You might conjecture that the telecom lobbies are hugely accountable for conservatism. In that case, you are mostly correct. But for an average person, the connectivity before the pandemic usually indicates buying online, browsing the internet, taking part in social media, and watching movies.

The pandemic has altered this significantly. It started with the students and candidates who wasn’t able to attend classrooms and had to opt-in for the online learning. Simultaneously, people started to work from home as well. This initial step had redefined what connectivity meant for people smashing the 30Mbps count in several places.

Benjamin Gordon Palm Beach asserts that the remote working birthed new tech giants such as Zoom and redefined the work space and how it got performed, evaluated, and coordinated. “Being there” soon became obsolete, and the concept of remote working came into the new job checklist. Companies that for years depended on the eye contact and presence of employees for managing teams had to change the KPIs for capturing the motivation and incentive of the remote workers in a new normal scenario. The meetings and teamwork started to become virtual and the skills had transformed radically.

The changes that the pandemic brought in

The pandemic brought the process a step further and enabled a total digitalization of the overall journey, which comprises aspects that no one thought could be possible before. You can take the example of gyms that made use of online tools, but where the admission process and the workouts get done on the premises. Such gyms had altered this by digitalizing the entire procedure by putting a connection to your residence.

Why is this digitalization so essential? First and foremost, a digitized method has almost no marginal cost. Also, the expense of serving an extra client is insignificant the moment the application starts to run on the cloud platform. And second, an online process had complete agility and infinite scalability, adapting the resources to the users on a system. It takes place as the methods implemented on the cloud platforms manage the consumer requirements instantly.

Last but not least, Benjamin Gordon Palm Beach says that there are no fading returns on the scale. The moment it gets created; the code doesn’t require to be updated as the users keep increasing. Also, the cloud platforms don’t have maximizing costs and bottlenecks for the scale. Hence, the returns in scale will go up instead of going down. You can only get an insight of the magnitude of it when you look at the before and after scenario of the business and its operating models.