New Video By Tommy Stoner feat. Ferregamo & Ghee Boe “Sturdy”

Born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, Tommy Stoner latched onto pop, rap, and hip-hop music at a young age. His budding interest and growing skills led him to release some smashing albums and tracks, including his newest song, “Sturdy,” featuring Ferregamo Swave and Ghee Boe. Stoner came out with his first pop album, Youforia, in 2019. Since then, he has grown and evolved as an artist, improving his rapping, singing, and beat-making abilities. Inspired by Andre 3000, Drake, and Kanye, Stoner strives to blend different strengths in his productions. He’s produced for some of the best – Young Thug, Rocko, and Cyhi The Prynce, to name a few – and the world is primed for a Tommy Stoner takeover. He also doesn’t let any music genre norms limit his potential, as he unites hot pop beats with striking rap lyrics. Without a doubt, this gives Stoner’s hits a wide reach, so the world is bound to love his music.

Stoner and Ghee go way back: they’re cousins. Swave, who moved from New York to Georgia, just knew after listening to Stoner’s earlier projects that they would make a great team, which speaks volumes about Stoner as a rising star. His steadfast determination to make his name known in the music industry shines through the lyrics in his latest song. The main message is when money calls, chase after it to achieve the success desired. Diving into the benefits those life successes can bring, Stoner makes it clear that good things come to those who are willing to put in the time and energy to work hard for them. As someone who is always in the studio to make his incredible music a reality, Stoner lives and breathes this song’s advice every day. His drive to be successful in life has the power to inspire any listener. Even with his catchy lyrics aside, the drill beat gives listeners an adrenaline rush, resembling the constant urge to embrace life’s hustle, bring home the money and enjoy all that comes with earning it.

Anyone viewing the “Sturdy” music video can see that Stoner is totally in his element when performing. Viewers can easily recognize his confidence as an artist and his connection to the lyrics. Watching Stoner and his posse dancing and having a good time makes the energy built into this video contagious. Not to mention, the settings in each of the camera shots perfectly fit the song’s vibes. Viewers are sure to feel immersed in the New York drill music scene no matter where they are. All these aspects combined, Stoner’s talent demands attention.