by Nick Christophers

There is nothing more powerful than a music video that derives from someone’s willingness to live. This was the case for the project “You Can’t Kill Me Now”, the new single by artist Wesley Aldrich. Wesley is a guitarist, singer and songwriter who has performed with bands like the Bellcranks, Hug The Dogs and Ballroom Sofa. He is presently working on a solo album.

Which bring us to the current project that he worked on with actress Coral Mizrachi. The music video gives the viewers a glimps into the difficult journey Coral went through while battling cancer. Coral went through six months of chemotherapy, and filmed the video while going through treatments, which makes the video all the more powerful, portraying the real struggle of the cancer patient. Some of the scenes were reenactments and some were real documented events.

“I was really excited to work on this project and create art through my own experience, I think it’s a moving and an important part of creating. It was an amazing experience to be able to share my journey with such a beautiful song, and I’m forever grateful to Wesley for trusting me with his art.” 

“Wesley’s lyrics fit perfectly with Coral’s spirit throughout her hardship. When Toni (the producer) reached out to me I immediately thought of her (Coral), knowing how creative she is, and how special this project can be. I’m truly honored I had a chance to help Coral share her story, and hope everyone will be as inspired by the project as I was,” says Audrey Lane, the director of the music video. 

Audrey is a writer, filmmaker, director, actor and activist based in NYC. She is known for directing films such as Before We Die, Evergreen, A Farmer’s Daughter, and Numb (Cannes Short Film Festival).  It is rare to see an experience as sensitive and personal to be a part of a music video. Yet Wesley and Coral managed to produce something that can educate the masses on how we all have that strength in us to overcome even the worst that life throws at us. It’s hard to miss the magical scenery splashed across the screen with wonderful colors, which would have been possible thanks to the Director of Photography, Roi Ziv. His talent in photography and editing is what made the project what it had become.

The video can be found on iTunes, Spotify and on YouTube.