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@skopemag news – monday – january 17, 2022 @ 12 pm est

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“Sunrise” To Return On Their 10th Anniversary With A New Song Featuring Ashley Green From “Holding Absence”

Sunrise is a 2-piece band from South Jakarta, Indonesia, which was formed on January 1, 2012. The band has undergone several lineup changes over the last few years.

“Moving On” was written as an ode to survival, the song is inspired by the band’s decision to keep pushing through all challenges and struggles for the past decade.

Coming back stronger than ever, Sunrise features Ashley Green (Holding Absence) on the drums for this single.

HORNED WOLF Release New Video

Heavy outfit HORNED WOLF have released their new music video for “Become Like They Are” via Metal Underground.

FREDRIK CROONA Condemns The Vain With New Project & Debut Single, “Scum”

Fredrik Croona whose projects have included the likes of MENSCHDEFEKT, CROONA & CYNICAL EXISTENCE has announced a new project, AGAINST I and debut single, “Scum.”

“Scum” is a dedication to all the lowlifes who treat other people like shit and care for nothing but themselves. People who are so full of themselves that they don’t see or care about anything else. This is the first song that opens the door into a carnival of the obscene, deranged & faulty people and to the darkness of human psyche.” – Fredrik Croona


The track evinces the nuances of her unpredictable and undeniable style, channeling pop, R&B, hip-hop and Caribbean vibes into one unshakable banger. Her effortless flow dips into a head-nodding hook.

Pop duo BLVCKBOW break genre boundaries with new single

Breakthrough pop duo BLVCKBOW has just released their latest single, “Second Nature.” The duo, composed of two powerhouse women Brittni Paiva and Jasmine Crowe, went back to their native Hawaiian roots for this track. This love song is an uplifting island groove, a stark contrast from their debut electro-alt pop single, “Memorize U.” The pair explores a different sound by bending the barriers of the confinements of a set genre. The soothing elements of the track include smooth vocals from Jasmine Crowe and sunny melodious grooves from Brittni Paiva on ukulele and electric guitar.

Marbs Redefines Desert Hearts Black’s Sonic Direction on New Minds on the Run EP

The New Year is an enchanting time to set intentions and manifest prosperity for the year to follow. With that in mind, Desert Hearts Black is ready to welcome in 2022 with a renewed aim in delivering techno and house music for its international audience. For its first release of ’22, label boss Marbs kicks things off with his new EP, Minds on the Run, featuring an uncanny remix from none other than Oscar L. Made throughout 2021, Minds on the Run (out today) was written for the return of live music and as a reflection of the collective experience of the pandemic.

Khazali shares “Passion Controller;” Announces ‘The Rush’ EP

Today, Khazali is thrilled to share “Passion Controller,” the second single to be released from his upcoming EP, The Rush, out March 11, 2022 via Kitsuné Musique. “Passion Controller” is a funky, string-adorned pop experiment with a nostalgic touch, featuring Khazali’s smooth-as-silk vocal timbre. A dazzling display of his knack for catchy hooks and ear worm melodies. The song follows on the heels of the extended play’s lead single, “Better with the Devil.”

Country-Pop Songstress Ashlyn Marie Releases Debut Single “Blindhorse Blues”

“I wrote this song nearly a year ago on the day of release! I knew the moment this hook came to me that it would be a big one. I called one of my best friends Kaeley and told her about it and couldn’t help but cry,” explains Marie. “It’s an anthem for anyone who’s ever been to the Blind Horse Saloon, which is a staple in my hometown of Greenville, SC. I knew from the beginning this song had to be my introduction to the music industry.”

For Skope: Top Malaysian influencer MSPUIYI debuts as a singer with “Men-Mory” with leading Malaysian producer Goldfish on Purple Fly (out now)

Ben Auld Shares “O Athena!” Single via CHORUS.FM | Debut LP ‘Lemongrass’ Due 02/15/2022 via Earth Libraries

Today, Ben Auld shared “O Athena!,” the second single off his forthcoming debut album, Lemongrass, due February 15, 2022 via Earth Libraries.

SKOPE MAGAZINE – Thirty ‘Elevate’ – OUT TODAY!

New House producer Thirty returns with his feel-good new single ‘Elevate’. The Sydney based artist has an uplifting sound which is as beautifully effortless as it is enchanting. A sound that he’s developed over the years and crafted to make his own.

Working Class Hussys New Single “Elaine” Enlightens Us About the Change Around Us

Central New Jersey’s Working Class Hussys are the hook-heavy Americana/rock band that’s redefining roots music. Led by multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Ian Patrick Gentles, the band puts out a sound that blends soaring harmony vocals, crunchy guitars, and big choruses into music no other group in the genre could make. For Ian, it all started at the age of 7 when his aunt signed him up for guitar lessons after he took an interest in an old, beat up guitar his aunt had lying around. He kept with those lessons for the next decade, which involved learning how to sight-read music and becoming a classically trained musician. He moved to Philadelphia and then Boston, where he started a band called ‘Uncle Butch’ with his brother. Uncle Butch relocated to New York City in the early ’90s where they gained popularity performing every night along Bleeker Street and the East Village.

Yot Club Shares Santolina EP via American Songwriter

Santolina begins with lead single “Alive,” with clean, chiming guitar riffing as open and broad as the plains before Kaiser’s vocals enter: “Straight lines, cul-de-sacs, white flowers and the TK/Bring back memories you’d rather just leave dead.” Second single “Hole” unfurls under a sedate, kaleidoscopic spiral of electric guitars and a subdued drum machine beat, while Kaiser’s vocals, spacey and apathetic, lurk like a Gen Z Lou Reed. Third single “Deer Island,” a spritely morning gallop of drum machine and easy-going guitars, namechecks the titular piece of land off the coast of Biloxi, MS. It’s the last piece of something before endless miles of nothing, a tiny, fragile holdout in the clutches of the Gulf of Mexico.

Yot Club Shares Debut EP ‘Santolina’

Cosmo Blue release Wild Stallion

Cosmo Blue is an amalgamation of alternative music, reminiscent of The Police, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Queens Of the Stone Age. Add a pinch of Hamish’s groovy syncopated dance beats to Michael’s strange guitar chords and you have a concoction of unique sounds. Wild Stallion is the first single from Sydney band Cosmo Blue. If you are a fan of proto-punk music, then this track might be for you.


Alternative rock trio Tears Of A Fallen Hero launches the moving video for the band’s brand new, inspired single “Come Closer”! Conveying the idea of the uncertainty and anxiety, which every person experiences when it comes to establishing relationships with other people, “Come Closer” masterfully represents the atmosphere of the aforementioned specific feeling through its compelling, yet captivating composition, where the heavy instruments and melodic synths perfectly represent the magic of the time. With the versatile music elements that, however, fit together naturally, being commanded by the immersive vocal lines and melodies, Tears Of A Fallen Hero truly manages to create a special soundscape that emphasizes the formation’s unique talents and approach.

Alt-Rock Act Particles Release New Video For “Cheers To Revenge”

“‘Cheers to revenge’ represents the thirst for revenge of the outsiders that usually stifled their voice. Whether it is discrimination, social judgment, abuse, disappointment in love, mental or physical health, everyone fights a personal battle every day against the superficiality of a social context that is not inclusive and often rejects us. The song declares revenge against this type of discomfort by proposing as a response the self-awareness and love for our uniqueness, even if it does not meet the standards of perfection that are regularly served up. We strongly wanted a more violent sound in line with the harshness of the rap lyrics. The references are easy to recognize: Bring me the horizon, Fever333 and Pvris have always been a strong influence on our works. In addition, the song gives a little teste of the album that we recorded before the pandemic in collaboration with Federico Ascari, and which will finally be released in the spring. Without spoiling too much, we can anticipate that it will be characterized by a strong dualism, both in terms of styles and intentions. Heavy songs will be counterbalanced by softer and more experimental ones, but in extreme harmony with each other. We started writing the pieces with very precise ideas and references and our producer perfectly understood how to shape them. We had fun mixing contaminations without hesitation, in line with what is happening in today’s music world that no longer knows style barriers or defined labels. The fluidity of genre represents the spirit of this album at its best, and we can’t wait to announce it”.


Retro punk/heavy rockers BRANDY AND THE BUTCHER have unleashed their new single B.G.F. via the Ripple Effect.

Big Bob presents The Ruste Juxx Collection

Duck Down Record’s Ruste Juxx drops “The Ruste Juxx Collection” with producer BigBob Pattison. BigBob recruits seasoned emcees such as DITC’s AG, PaceWon, Grand Surgeon, St. Laz, Skanks The Rap Martyr and many more. The ten track album is full of hard-hitting Boom Bap beats and smothered with gut-wrenching cuts from Sublime’s LDontheCut, Italy’s Dj Fastcut and UK’s Dj Madhandz.

LUCER: Danish rockers reveal video for new single “Death Wish”

Time for a new LUCER single. “Death Wish” shows a more electric side of the Danish four-piece, and on this track, the band takes a step away from the guitar-based rock music.

“”Death Wish” is about the friend or the boyfriend / girlfriend, going down a dangerous path of partying, drugs, and too many late nights. You stand by, but can’t join the crusade towards the inevitable”, the band comments.


Way Of The Whiffler is just the kind of artful, bold track listeners have come to expect from Montana Sharp. It feels pulled directly from Eurovision; evocative of Amanda Palmer, Kate Miller-Heidke and Australian pop artist Montaigne, yet still completely unique to Montana. Orchestral swells swirl underneath Montana’s all-powerful vocal; her voice is incomparable, her performance and control impeccable – and she’s in fine form on this single and all throughout the EP. Speaking on the inspiration behind Way Of The Whiffler, Montana explains, Around the time I wrote this song, I used a word of the day dictionary app every day to find cool words that would inspire future songs and lyrics. One day, the word of the day was “whiffler”, an old English word meaning ‘a person who frequently shifts opinions, attitudes, interests, etc.’ I thought that was emblematic of everyone’s predicament in their early 20s – where everything around you is sort of impermanent and ever-changing. At that time of my life, I was set on projecting a completely different version of myself, to hide the true one, who felt hurt and vulnerable. I think I wrote the lyrics from the lens of someone who wanted to keep people at a distance. After all, what is the point of attachment if the only constant is change? That was my view at the time anyway.”