Celiane The Voice teases a catchy new single:”Papa’s Song (What Is This Feeling?)”

Celiane The Voice is an artist and songwriter who is passionate about using her powerful and emotional vocals to create a deeper connection with her listeners all over the world. Her most recent release is yet another powerful example of what she is all about in terms of artistry and vision. The song is titled Papa’s Song (What Is This Feeling?), and it feels like a perfect blend of pop, R&B, and dance music with a modern flow.

Don’t miss out on the upcoming release of Papa’s Song (What Is This Feeling?), which has just dropped this January. We all get to enjoy this mesmerizing and energetic track right after the holiday buzz, so it comes at a really nice time to truly enjoy it and make the most of it! In the meanwhile, go check out the words of wisdom from this inspiring and bold individual by visiting her website. Her artistic vision is visual as well as sonic, expanding into the realms of an incredible costume aesthetic, cool cyber-inspired artworks and news of a cartoon coming out later this year. We’re in for a treat, and Papa’s Song (What Is This Feeling?) is definitely going to be a great way for Celiane The Voice to start the year…