Jewellery Trends For 2022

Regardless of how perfectly you put together a whole attire, it can never be perfect without the correct decorations, particularly Jewellery.

Although we usually maintain a few favourite basics in our closets, only removing them for special occasions such as a self-tanner, we also preferred to spend on important fashion items season after season.

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The days of perpetual casualwear and simple style are long gone. The year 2022 is here, and it demands huge, bold, and brilliant jewellery. Whenever it concerns adorning with the hottest jewellery must-haves, women are so willing to go above and beyond.

When it comes to jewels, the year 2022 is all about expressing to make an impact. Never be scared to try new things and have a good time dressing up. Get a head start on the hottest accessory trends and make sure your jewellery box is bursting with these best jewellery stores in Melbourne.

Here are 2022 trends for your jewellery collection

Tube Hoop Earrings

No ensemble is perfect without the ideal set of tube hoop earrings, including current earring shapes to daily jewellery basics like traditional diamond earrings.

Hoop earrings are not new to the world of fashion, but this year’s “hit” earrings are slightly thicker tube-style hoops. Tube hoops, which are popular around stars like Bella Hadid, are ideal for sprucing up your daily attire or heading out for a night of partying.

But do not be fooled by their heaviness; many tube hoop earrings are as light as a butterfly, making them both comfortable and fashionable.


Pearls have made a successful turnaround and have easily become a popular piece of jewellery among teenagers. Geometric and irregular designs, as well as a spectrum of shades, have been given a trendy makeover with pearls. Stunning pearl masterpieces have us thinking of classic Hollywood elegance, from tiny pearl studs to brilliant pearl necklaces to whimsical pearl bangles.


Is there anything more fashionable than simplicity these days? Minimalist design is a philosophy that emphasises contemporary simplicity and the idea that less is more.

The younger generation favours minimalist jewellery with geometric designs, tiny jewels, and asymmetrical stacking. Minimalist design jewellery goes with every ensemble, regardless of your taste.

Snake Chains

In 2022, the snake chain is making a reappearance, but it is already decorating the necks of worldwide trendsetters. This sort of necklace is popular among trendsetters since it clings to your neck like an anaconda.

It offers you something wild, and also something extremely elegant since it is modelled after the snake’s motions. Snake chains do not entangle, which is another benefit of the accessories trend. As a result, the  David Yurman used necklace is a simple addition to any jewellery box.

Bold Combinations

Expanding on this year’s styles, stacking will go in a daring new direction. The continuous emergence of customised, significant jewellery and striking chains will be two major trends in 2022. Unusual chain patterns with one-of-a-kind links and other beading elements will be trendy.

Layering, according to experts, will push limits and break regulations. Mixing metals was always frowned upon, but recently, a few manufacturers have released two-toned pieces or necklace stacks that combine silver and gold.