How to Dress Your Bridesmaids Squad Perfectly?

Dressing as a bridesmaid is a very challenging task. We agree that the bride has to face a lot of confusion, in regards to her bridal gown. But a bridesmaid has to dress in a certain way to ensure that she complements the bride’s dress. And that, my friend, is not an easy job. 

There is a lot to consider for your bridesmaids. They are all different in shape and size and you must choose something that complements them all. From choosing a wonderful designer shop like Billy J Boutique to deciding on the right type of dress; the process can be a bit overwhelming. 

But don’t sweat about it as we are here to help you with some basic tips. 

How to Choose the Perfect Dress for your Bridesmaid?

Here are some simple tips that will help you choose the right dresses for your bridesmaids. 

– Choose your dress first:

Always make sure that you choose your dress first, as a bride. Why? This is because your bridesmaids’ dresses have to complement your dress. Or maybe, you can simply choose a style or theme to weave your dresses around it and leave the task to the bridesmaid, to wear whatever they like. However, to keep everything very whimsical, it is best that you make the pick on your own. 

Keeping your style in mind, you can easily choose a dress that you want for the girls. 

– Don’t overdo the dresses:

A bride must remain unique. And the best way to do so, is to keep the bridesmaid dresses minimal. Adding details is good but adding a lot of details can steal the limelight from the bride. And that is definitely not required. You can match the color with the bride’s dress or maybe the cutline of the neck. But don’t add each and every detail. 

– Choose the same style:

There are many gown styles available these days. But when you have a bridesmaid squad, you want to make sure that they all are choosing one gown style. You don’t want one girl to be in a midi gown while the other one chooses a casual one. Having one style adds a lot of charm and elegance and makes everyone look put together. 

– Unique Piece of Accessories:

Finish the look with a perfect accessory. You don’t have to get them earrings or necklaces; not at all. You can simply choose a floral headband or a floral pin to make all of them look well-synchronized. It emits an extremely dreamy vibe. 


Choosing the perfect dress for bridesmaids is not easy. You want all of them to look beautiful and yet follow your dress too. The decision is tough. But a little thought and time can help you choose the perfect one for your squad, making your big day look magical and extremely put together.