When Should a Lipoma, Mole or Cyst Be Surgically Removed?

Moles, cysts and lipomas aren’t usually dangerous. Many people have them. However, it’s possible for these to result in some pain and make the people feel slightly self-conscious and embarrassed in public. These cysts and moles are fluid filled fatty tissues. These lumps generally take place on the chest, face, back, neck and the armpits.

Generally, the lipomas, moles, and cysts are harmless and don’t cause any problem in how a person leads their life. However, at times it might lead to cancer. Hence, removing of a lipoma will depend on the doctor’s verdict and the amount of pain and suffering it’s causing the individual.
Therefore, if you are suffering from this problem make sure that you get a doctor’s appointment and check with him, to get the correct diagnosis. In case, the doctor feels that it needs to be removed, he will suggest for a cyst removal surgery.

  • The process of removing cysts and lipomas

While the method to remove cysts and lipomas varies, on the other hand, the treatment is slightly invasive. It usually gets conducted in an outpatient ambiance. In most cases, people usually require local anaesthesia to make the target area numb. But your doctor may suggest a sedation if the cyst or the lipoma is big or placed in any sensitive area.

The method of removing lipoma is like liposuction. In the beginning, the surgeon makes an incision and takes away the fatty tissue by making use of suctioning technique. And in most cases, the lipomas don’t return after the surgery. If it’s a cyst, the surgeon can puncture and then drain the fluid. That aside, they can also surgically eliminate it through an incision. The surgery might reduce the chances of getting back the cyst, but you might need a few stitches.

  • How does the cyst, lipoma or mole gets removed?
  • Surgical removal

Here the surgeon cuts through the skin growths and then eliminates it. There are chances that it appears after the operation. At times, surgery can result in scarring and add to the scopes of an infection. Hence, your doctor needs to make the correct decision.

  • Liposuction

The liposuction process can drain the fatty content of the lump via a small hole.

  • The process of recovery from cyst and lipoma removal

After a cyst or lipoma gets removed, you can witness some discomfort for some days in the place where the treatment took place. In case the cyst or the lipoma gets situated in the scalp, there is a chance of witnessing headaches and tension.

You can manage all your symptoms by opting in for recommended medications for a few days. It’s also a good idea to apply ice as guided by your surgeon. Ensure that you don’t exercise for a few weeks and wait for the surgical wounds to heal. And after this you can go about your life and not feel any discomfort of the cyst or the lipoma. And since the surgery process is minimally invasive, there would be very little scarring.
If you are suffering from a cyst, mole or lipoma make sure to get medical guidance on the same. That will provide you with the course of treatment best suited for you.