Benefits of appearing in class 6 maths Olympiad

Apart from all the prizes and benefits of achieving a good rank, just participating or appearing in Olympiad exams is very beneficial for students. They are exceptionally beneficial for students from class 1 to class 10 in countless ways. Today we are going to look in general at how appearing in the class 6 maths olympiad will be beneficial for the students. If you are in class 6 and contemplating whether to appear or not, reading the below-given content will help you evaluate all the benefits and decide if those are good enough or useful enough for your personal aspirations. We are going to look at all the benefits, the short-term ones as well as the long-term benefits of appearing in the class 6 maths olympiads in the below paragraphs.

Helps in future competitive exams

The problems asked in the Olympiad exams are miles apart from the ones asked in school exams, they require a much deeper understanding of the concept and the critical thinking skills to apply that understanding in the form of answers to the questions asked. This is even more relevant for the Maths exam as the difference in the quality of the questions in olympiad exams and the school exams is very huge. These types of problems will be asked later in the competitive exams like JEE and NEET so appearing in the class 6 Maths Olympiad right now will help students in developing the required skills earlier and thus, have a cutting edge over the other students if they decide to appear in a competitive exam.

Improves the self-confidence

Appearing in class 6 maths olympiad exams will not only boost their self-confidence for school exams it will also motivate them to do better in both. There is a  massive prize pool in most of the olympiad exams which encourages the students to work hard and study which will obviously come in handy in the exams. They also help students assess their knowledge of the subject and thus improve on that. This assessment will help them a lot in doing well in the school exams later.

Another related factor is these exams encourage students to self-study which will again be massively required in higher classes and especially in college.

Improves the Mental Skills in General

We have already seen how appearing in the class 6 olympiad exam will help the student academically in future classes as well as in the current class. But apart from these academic advantages, they help develop young minds a lot. As the problems involve a lot of brainstorming, they help mold a habit of not giving up and trying different ways to get out of a particular scenario in the minds of the students. It also unearths any deep-lying interest in Mathematics. The logical reasoning problems improve the reasoning abilities of the students and boost their capabilities of thinking logically instead of letting their feelings take control.

Gives a Platform

If a student has exceptional talent in the subject of mathematics, the International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) for class 6 gives him/her/them a global platform to showcase the talent and skills they possess. They can relatively examine their skills with a wider group now instead of just comparing themselves with their classmates as they would have done otherwise.

Now that you have seen the benefits of appearing in the class 6 mathematics olympiad, if you are interested in appearing, below we mention all the relative details for the International Mathematical  Olympiad (The IMO) for class 6. Do give it a thorough read as knowing the details about any exam is the most pivotal step before starting your preparation.


Knowing the syllabus beforehand will prove very beneficial for your class 6 IMO preparation. Read the below-mentioned syllabus for class 6 IMO properly and plan your studies keeping it in mind.

Section Number of Questions Topic Marks

(Marks per Question)

Logical Reasoning Section

(Section 1)

15 Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning 15


Mathematical Reasoning Section

(Section 2)

  1. Knowing Our Numbers
  2. Basic Geometrical Ideas
  3. Whole Numbers
  4. Data Handling Mensuration
  5. Ratio and Proportion Algebra
  6. Whole Numbers
  7. Symmetry 
  8. Practical Geometry
  9. Understanding Elementary Shapes
  10. Fractions
  11. Decimals
  12. Playing with Numbers


Everyday Mathematics Section

(Section 3)

10 Same as Mathematical Reasoning Section (Section 2) 10


Achievers Section

(Section 4)

5 Higher Order Thinking Questions (HOTS) on the topics same as Section 2 15


Preparation Tips

As the level of problems in your Olympiad Exam will be much higher than the ones asked in your school examination, it is not smart to just rely on the school exam preparation for this exam. You need to get used to the pattern of the questions and one of the best ways for doing the same is practicing the IMO Maths Olympiad Class 6 Previous Year Question Paper. Practicing previous year’s questions will help the mind to get used to the pattern of questions going to be asked in the class 6 maths olympiad exam. Students can also use any of the multiple guide books for Olympiad exams available online to practice questions. You also receive a set of books to help prepare for the International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) for class 6 once you register for it depending on the agency you have registered with. Ensure to study that reference material thoroughly as it is designed just for the exam going to happen that year.


Appearing in class 6 maths olympiad exam will help students in many ways, both academically as well as in general development of the brain. It helps them in preparing for future competitive exams and also to develop a much-required self-learning skill. It helps boost the self-confidence of the students and gives them an international platform to showcase their academic skills in class 6 maths. One of the most popular maths olympiads for class 6 is the International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) for class 6 and we have mentioned the syllabus and preparation tips required to excel in that.