Fashion and music have had a tight relationship for centuries. Music has been intertwined with fashion and style since its beginning. However, some think today’s music has much more impact than Fashion. 

With ONYX in Fashion, we disagree. 

Here at Skope Magazine, we’ve kept our eye on one individual who is changing the game in fashion. 

The list of places that people travel to follow their dreams and do something bigger in the world does not often include Springfield, but that is exactly what Justin Haynes did. He started his company (JUS10H) in his hometown and continues to give back to the community that he grew up in. 

Justin Haynes, International Fashion Designer/Tailor has landed on runways in America and other parts of the world for his one of a kind and chic designs.

Catering to both the Music and Fashion Industries, Justin Haynes has created a different kind of style which has allowed him to differentiate himself from the competition. He pushes the envelope while embracing people’s personal styles to make people feel comfortable in what they are wearing while still making a statement. Recently Justin Haynes was awarded the fourth position on the Top 20 Best Custom Tailors list by Google News. It is quite a feat to be nominated, let alone actually appear on the top five of this list and Justin Haynes is rightfully proud of his accomplishment.

Justin credits much of his success to the many people who supported him.

We’ve gathered questions from his supporters, his answers are below.

Shawna Darlene Brace 

Where do you find inspiration when creating a new collection?

-I find my inspiration from the vintage areas of the 60s and 70s. Also, I theme each collection from my favorite childhood Tv shows/movies. Back then, everyone dressed well all the time. My goal is to bring that era back, but with a modern vibe.

Stefanie Miranda

What is your motivation for designing in the fashion world?

-Today, my motivation is my clientele. Their love of my brand, the garments they consistently purchase, and their authentic commentary keeps me fueled. 

Tarinna Olley

The designer world sometimes has had a negative connotation attached to it that always wasn’t integral based? How important is being integral to you in this industry?

-I agree! It hasn’t been and still Isn’t in some instances. However, integrity is at the top of my list. That’s the  only way to build trust in me as a tailor, and JUS10H as a brand. 

Rashida Elizabeth

How do you handle moments when you lack motivation or inspiration?

-it’s a matter of mindset. It’s legit a personal push! You can rely on ANYONE for that push. We all have days where we just don’t FEEL IT. But, you can’t let days turn into weeks/months/years and expect to still have a growing brand. You have to ask yourself in those moments, how important is this to ME?  

Answer it, and take the necessary steps. 

Christina Williams

Can we expect any collaborations next year 👀 ??? 

-I collaborate consistently with creatives all over the world. I guess the question should be, will I reveal those collaborations in 2022 🤔 😅?? 

Philesha Evans

What is your favorite type of clothing to design, men’s, women’s or children’s? 

Will we be seeing any of your models with red lipstick in the near future? 🤣

-Hands down… Women’s, then Men’s, then Childrens. Whewwww… Children’s Clothing, as cute as it may be. I don’t run to it 😅! And…. ABSOLUTELY NOT!! Any MUA I work with understands……

I HATE A RED LIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

Nina Marie

There had to have been moments when you wanted to quit, what kept/keeps you pursuing your dream?

-honestly, those moments come more than others. This is a tough industry. I keep pursuing it because of my PASSION for FASHION! I do it because it’s a dream God literally gave me. He gave and is giving me EVERYTHING (and I mean everything) I’ve asked for. I can’t let HIM down, nor any of my clients. 

Chavone Anderson

What was the one thing that made you keep going when it felt like every door had closed? 

How does JUS10H stay humble?

-Closed doors 13 years ago only opened today’s doors. Quick flashback.. Stacy Barber Bent interrupted a service to tell me what God expressed to her. “There is a spirit of excellence in you. God is going to open doors consistently for you” – TODAY, I promise you, I haven’t knocked on any door that’s been open since that day! GOD DID IT. Not me!

What keeps me humble? This industry! I want to remain different  from the rest. I realize I’m IN today, but I can be OUT tomorrow. I’m only IN because of GOD!! 

Jennifer Brantley 

Have you considered maybe one day moving to New York or LA?

-EVERYDAY lol!!! Definitely New York!! LA I love,It has become my second home. I realize I can’t leave until I keep my promise to myself! When I REALLY make it big… I want Springfield MA to be not only where I’m from, but where I live! I want where I struggled, to be where I WIN!! 

Latricia Winters

What is the process of bringing your creations to life?

-I just dive right in, lol. I left those sketching days years ago. My mind is consistently going. I see it, grab fabric or make fabric out of something you throw away lol and build!! 

Adrianne Jiles

Who is the one person that influenced your fashion aesthetic? How did this person influence you?

-well, it’s actually two people. Mrs Rosiland Cuffie and Mrs Jessie Daniels. Ms Cuffie encouraged my creative mind as a teenager. She ripped my garments apart when I couldn’t lol. Ms Jessie, taught me how to do what I do. The influence: they encourage me, to be Me! 

Audrey D. Stokes

What or who keeps you grounded with all the success that you have achieved?

-God and My Mom, Gwen Haynes! Without both of them.. you can forget it lol – They both are about equally tired of me. They legit hear and deal with me EVERYDAY, ok!! Lol

Tanisha Smith

How have you handled negative criticism or negative comments if you have received any. And how did you recover or react?

-#tuh, years ago I would act a complete fool! I felt everything needed to be addressed, MY WAY! I’ve calmed down a bit now and realized a few things. Some who talk can’t really stand where I’m standing. It bothers them. As Tabitha Brown would say.. “that’s their business honey, not mine” 😆 

Shameka L Grant-Edwards

What was the first “chance” someone gave you and how did it impact your course?

-The first chance was my first customer, Minnie Hanson. It impacted me into who you see today. I can’t run a business without customers. She paved the way for the thousands I have today! 

Jessica Lynn

What inspires you the most to do what you do?


Deana Williams 

What inspired you to begin a passion for designing clothes?

-My Love for FASHION & STYLE (they are two different things)

Cassi Malassi 

When did you realize you didn’t have the “juice” but that you MADE THE JUICE?!

-BOOM to this question! To be honest I was in denial. I would say “ain’t nobody checkin for me boo”. It wasn’t until 2020 when I literally had a couple of designers following me to make sure I didn’t “look” better than them in these social media streets! I never want to be an arrogant person. – but right then I said to myself- “BOY, YOU BETTER DO THE DANG ON THING!!”  They don’t realize you gotta look BETTER off social media, too 🥴 lol-  #JUICEMADE  You will pass out trying to keep up with me, ok lol 

Della Blake

I know your belief in Christ has been your source of strength, how would you describe to others how to be obedient to God’s inspiration? And how has it contributed to your success?

-it’s so simple! FOLLOW GOD’s LEAD! He will lead you better than you can. He’s led me to every door and has OPENED them for me. He will do the same for you! 

Wendy Brown – Rashad 

How do you explain all of your success in the midst of the pandemic???

-I wish I could explain it, but I can’t! When the pandemic hit. I literally asked God to help me stay relevant. Social media page was hacked the next day. Lost everything, at least I thought I did. 

TODAY, He’s done more than I’ve ever expected!! 

Angle S Taylor

Where do you see the JUS10H Brand in the next 5-10 years?

-Everywhere lol! Seriously, I see International Fashion House! Tailors in every country. Small boutique shops with large windows. Still with one of a kind custom pieces. (We only do one of ones over her lol)

Gina Lockett Douglas 

Looking at your current success today, what would you tell the young “13” year old Justin?

-Wow! I would tell him to forget about what everyone else said, what they called you, what they labeled you as. You will make complete LIERS out of each one!

Bo Leverett

All of these questions are great so you see how they care and love what you are putting out. Here is my question: Tell us who you are in your own mind, what pushes you to keep JUS10H going(advancing).

-LISTEN, in my mind I’m a creative mess lol! And that mess keeps this brand going!

I appreciate your kind words. 

Gina Waters Miller

Your brand has quickly risen to “recognizable” status. Like a voice when you hear it; everyone knows it’s Jus10H when they see it! Your use of mixed media, prints, patches and the ability to re-work and re-use fabrics, re-imagining them and giving them new lives…How did this become your signature formula? The modern, contemporary, classic meets vintage mix….Do you see the patterns and garments finished before you create them, or do you create them, and don’t know where you are heading, and what you are creating – until they are finished?

-To be honest, from day one that has always been my goal. Forget the label on the inside. I want you to see it and say “JUS10H” or “Justin made that, right?” I knew that could only happen by creating unusual pieces that are JUST FOR YOU!!! It was a formula I wanted to create, and it just happens to work

And yes, I see garments finished in my head BUT it never turns out that way lol! What you see normally is the total opposite of what I had in mind. My customers know not to bother me. Don’t ask me questions…It’s the “until it’s finished for me and them” lol

Lex Attuquayefio

What’s next? Would you ever consider a children’s line?

-been there, done that, and will relaunch Very Soon

Are you excited? Get your children ready!!

Mazerine Roberta Leach

Who or what inspired you to become a AWESOME DESIGNER 

I’m hooked on Justin Haynes

-WOW!! So honored!! Whew…. Ms Jessie!! Inspired and taught me! Everything you see from me, is a product from her. 

I would be nothing on the machine without her guidance and knowledge. Those clean lines and hems… I owe it all to Ms Jessie! 


Make sure you stay updated with Justin Haynes, his new label ONYX, and  brand JUS10H by following the social media profiles linked below:

IG: @theofficialjus10h

Website: www.JUS10H.com

CFDA: https://runway360.cfda.com/designers/jus10h/onyx-the-luxury-label-collection 

Graphic Artistry: Carl James
Photographer (Cover Photo): Louie Moreno
Photographer ( Onyx Collection): John Darko Chapman/Elliot Lopez
Creative Director: Andrew Maxwell
Hairstylist: Rebecca Grimes
Make Up Artist: Tenisha C Walton
Models: Joi Wise / Jennifer Brantley
Designer/Tailor: JUS10H