New Holiday Video! ‘Christmas on Cellblock 9’

This is the official video to the holiday song, “Christmas on Cellblock 9”. This fun, whimsical tune is the first holiday offering from the Phoenix based music institution, See Your Shadow Songwriting.

See Your Shadow Songwriting is a music creation entity based out of Phoenix, Arizona run by Michael “The Metropolitan Cowboy” Coleman, who conceives, writes and produces all of the organization’s work, See Your Shadow has achieved five consecutive iTunes Country Chart Number 1s in South Africa with their songs, “My Worth”, “Today I Do Became I Don’t”, “It Starts With Hello”, “Showdown” and their breakout hit, The International Music Association Award Winning, “I Will Tell Jesus You Said Hello”. “Christmas on Cellblock 9” is the organization’s holiday offering which was recently named best original Christmas Song by Fair Play Country Music based out of The Netherlands.