Pamela Hopkins Presents ‘One More Last Kiss (feat. Jason Lee Campbell)’

Done with tenderness, Pamela Hopkins embodies the pure soul of Americana on the romantic “One More Last Kiss (feat. Jason Lee Campbell)”. The rhythms have a patient gait to them. Intermingling the two vocalists together results in a kaleidoscopic swirl of color. Every little gesture matter, from the laid-back slide guitar to the gentle keyboards that adorn it. With a quiet driving tempo, the song unfurls at its own pace, going for a reflective cadence. Length-wise, they keep things to the essentials never overstaying their welcome for there is a compactness to the way they bring it all home.

The interplay amongst the band helps to give it a distinct, country presence. With a western twang to it they conjure up imagery of wide-open spaces. Full of such detail they make sure that there is a sense of geography about the whole piece, one that allows the sound to soar up into the sky. Vocalists are mixed right in the front of it all. Don

e with such dignity there is a grandeur to the way they lay it all out. Buildup of the work has a living, breathing cadence to it. With each reiteration of the theme the song becomes ever more clear, until the finale where it all reaches a climax before fading on out.

“One More Last Kiss (feat. Jason Lee Campbell)” goes for an exquisite beauty, proving Pamela Hopkins to be an exceptionally talented storyteller.