@skopemag news – friday – december 17, 2021 @ 12 pm est

@skopemag news – friday – december 17, 2021 @ 12 pm est

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The Colombian duo issue a defiant call against sexual harassment

A man is on the prowl, expanding his tentacles to touch women; he moves with undesirable naturalness, as and when he pleases, as if he lived in another era; he does not realise that we are watching him; that the party has begun for everyone, but for him it’s over.

Emerald Sun – new Single/Video “Hellbound”

Greece’s power metaller EMERALD SUN show the first video from their upcoming album “KINGDOM OF GODS” (release date 01/28/2022). With HELLBOUND, metal heads get a first foretaste of the new album. The first video will surely not only please fans of Quentin Tarantino or John Carpenter.

Singer Stelios “Theo” Tsakiridis: “We are all fans of Carpenter and Tarantino, we think vampire ladies are sexy, we have a song that fits this concept … and that’s the result! We are very proud of the video and are curious how this will be received by the people. ”

French Braids turns recent single ‘Heartbeat’ into gorgeous piano piece

Translating a club record into a breathtaking instrumental piece takes a special kind of musical talent, and French Braids is one of those gifted individuals you can entrust such a task to. The Canadian artist took his two-month-old collab with Aussie songstress George Maple titled ‘Heartbeat’, stripped it down to its compositional essentials and proudly delivered a moving piano version that takes listeners on a sonic journey that’s melancholic, yet hopeful.

Dutch DJ Marc Benjamin remixes ‘Amsterdam’ by Japanese production duo AmPm, out today!

‘Amsterdam (Marc Benjamin Remix)’, a new remix version of the recent release ‘Amsterdam’ by Japanese production duo AmPm, was released today, December 17.

The original version of ‘Amsterdam’ was released in October, to coincide with this year’s edition of the renowned Dutch festival Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE).

BRANDON BOYD release “Petrichor”

“I come from a place in the world where the sun is almost always shining, and as wonderful as that is, it does carry with it a kind of bias towards happiness and a constant stress around well being,” Brandon explains. “The irony of course is that it’ll drive you crazy trying to be happy all of the time. There is wisdom in sadness and grief, the kind of things we glean from “walking through the valley” can’t be replicated by merely speaking or reading about them, we need to be sad sometimes and enter darkened spaces in order to be more fully realized people. When it rains in Southern California, it’s such a rare event that it almost feels like we’re being invited to embrace the dark, weep for what is lost, and then emerge new and washed clean of those old feelings that were stuck on us and starting to rot in the punishing sunlight. There’s a lyric in the song that says,

Incredibly catchy but cool new single out today from Lasse Matthiessen

Hot off the heels of the release of his new EP ‘Coordinates Remain’, Danish artist Lasse Matthiessen is set to release a perfectly reflective new single for Christmas time, ‘Closer’.

The new single continues a bold new change in direction for Matthiessen which he fleshed out with ‘Coordinates Remain’. Having previously built up a large following with a folky sound, the EP and ‘Closer’ push in a bigger, atmospheric, electronic direction. The works are Matthiessen’s most experimental and effect-bearing pieces to date.

The Anmer releases their second studio album “Gates of Midnight”

The Anmer is a Brazilian Progressive Rock/Stoner Rock band formed in the city of São Paulo, in 2018. Its current line-up is made up of five young musicians, influenced by classic bands such as Black Sabbath, Rush Supertramp, Yes, Genesis, The Who, Jethro Tull, ACDC etc. Currently has a studio album and an EP. The Anmer will release their second studio album “Gates of Midnight” in November. Their songs have played for a long time on Kiss FM and 89 A Radio Rock. In 2019, the band was a finalist at the Time4Music festival, winning the award for best copyrighted music.

Alt Pop Newcomer Ravive Releases New Single “7 Yrs”

“7 Yrs” really broke my heart. I haven’t seen the song’s subject in seven years, and looking back on my relationship with that person, I wanted to dial back into one specific day – the last that I saw him. It was the day I realized that I could no longer keep running back to something that was hurting me – so I gathered my things, and left without looking over my shoulder. I stepped out into the early morning sun, hopped into my old Toyota Corolla, and drove into a new phase of life. It’s now been more than seven years since that day; this song was written some time ago. But the uncomfortable nostalgia factor of this song makes it all the more gut-wrenching.

OBSIDIAN SEA: get heavy with new track “Mythos”!

Sofia-based 70’s rock and metal stalwarts OBSIDIAN SEA release a thunderous new track taken from their upcoming fourth album ‘Pathos’, due out February 4th and available to preorder now on Ripple Music.

Written during months of isolation, OBSIDIAN SEA’s new album ‘Pathos’ is a work in which the trio injected truckloads of heaviness, as well as a feeling of naive exuberance, aggression, dreamlike melancholy and introspection all at once. This is a record by a band that intends to express utmost honesty without any fear or apology, “a therapeutic process of emotional release through the music, but also one of establishing a truer human connection within the band” as described by the trio.

Flyght Club Drop Slow & Sensual New Single

Flyght Club is the contemporary musical project of Indian artist Shauvik Sharan. Having moved to Los Angeles to pursue his music career, Flyght Club’s music demonstrates his extreme versatility, exploring a multitude of genres and themes, with every song being made to cater to different moods and emotions, essentially leaving him unchained from the boundaries of musical genres.

New Music // Rxseboy – “Leaving”

Fast-rising, alt-hip-hop creator Rxseboy joins forces with bootleg boy & Hero to offer a beacon of warmth in the colder months ahead with his latest, pensive single “Leaving” out today via Relentless Records. Although fans will already be aware of Rxseboy’s talents in painting a picture with his emotive flows, this song sees him searching for a new level of connectivity whilst finding a higher echelon of song creation.