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Kalen Anzai’s “Genjitsu Camera”

Kalen Anzai released a brand new single “Genjitsu Camera” (featured on Laguna Illumination TVC) on December 15h.

This song co-produced with Charlie XCX carries essences of the recent trend such as Vaporwave and City Pop, yet is packaged to be fresh sounding NEWTRO music. The lyrics written by Kalen herself, is based on the theme “Genjitsu Camera” a brand new retronym.

YE BANISHED PRIVATEERS Set Sail for Christmas with New Video “Ring The Bells”

Following the release of their Christmas album, A Pirate Stole My Christmas, your favorite shanty pirates YE BANISHED PRIVATEERS offer another surprise from their treasury in the form of a music video for “Ring The Bells”! With this captivating single and album opener of A Pirate Stole My Christmas, the boisterous pack once more reveal a frostbitten visual, sending their fans and listeners off into a pirate-y jolly Christmas season!

(VIDEO LINK) Actor-Singer-Songwriter, KEITH ROBINSON Releases Festive Music Video For His Holiday Song, “NOTHING LIKE CHRISTMAS DAY”

“NOTHING LIKE CHRISTMAS DAY”, was written by Keith Robinson and produced by Mike Jackson. “Nothing like Christmas Day”, perfectly captures the true essence and spirit of our most cherished holiday, Christmas. “With the state of the world we are currently living in, “Nothing Like Christmas Day” is the perfect antidote to remind us of the most important things in life; spending time with the ones you love during the holiday season,” mentions Keith. “The @TheNovaProspect directed video literally finds Robinson glowing amid Christmas lights that set a festive scene while emitting a holiday utopia that would break down the likes of the Grinch,” says N. Ali Early, Editorial Director at RollingOut.com. The “Nothing Like Christmas Day” music video made its world premiere on RollingOut.com.

Rising Toronto Artist Insaame Unveils New Single “Yoko”

Rising star Insaame is the latest artist out of the bubbling Canadian music scene, and he’s made an impressive return with new single “Yoko”. Although a newcomer in the industry, the Toronto-based artist has already showcased his huge talent on previous singles such as “Honor”, which has been streamed hundreds of thousands of times online. And he looks set to continue his impressive rise and reach even greater heights with new release “Yoko”.

Dave Gahan & Soulsavers Release Music Video For “The Dark End Of The Street”

In this new video, directed by Richard Selvi, 3D photogrammic technology was used to scan Dave and insert him into the video’s intensely haunting and cinematic, CG-animated cityscape.

Thrash Metal Legends DESTRUCTION Announce New Album “Diabolical” + Reveal Title Track

German thrash metal veterans DESTRUCTION celebrate their 40th anniversary by setting the world ablaze with a new, hard-hitting grenade in the form of their new album, Diabolical, out April 8, 2022 via Napalm Records!

TWÏNS Share “Peace” Single/Video + “Anatman” Instrumental B-Side via Brooklyn Vegan

TWÏNS (the musical project of Berlin-based artist Miro Denck) shares “Peace,” the first single off their forthcoming album, The Human Jazz (due 04/28/2022 via Earth Libraries), alongside an instrumental b-side entitled “Anatman.”

New Video: Taylor Rae Explores Jazzy Side & Déjà Vu With “Something Familiar”

The simplified setting makes it easy to focus on Taylor – and the song’s meaning. Déjà vu is a concept that has intrigued her for years and it’s a feeling that she finds herself experiencing more frequently of late. “Sometimes when I meet someone for the first time, or even see them from afar a light just goes off,” Taylor notes. “I believe certain souls travel through many lives together and when they meet, the energy between them is stronger because of the history they share.”

Video Premiere: Taylor Rae “Something Familiar”

French melodic metal four-piece Second Day unveiled new song from from upcoming record with Eiram

A couple of weeks after unveilling a first audio glance from their upcoming debut album, with “Matter Drop”, French melodic metallers (from epic-metal to melodeath passing through post-metal and progressive rock) Second Day just shared another song with “Eiram” available right now on Bandcamp.

Nell & The Flaming Lips Release New Video “Red Right Hand” || Out On Bella Union / PIAS

Today, Nell and The Flaming Lips share a new video for their cover of Nick Cave’s “Red Right Hand,” out now on Bella Union / [PIAS]. The video features a live performance from Nell and The Flaming Lips and is a stellar visual accompaniment to the album, Where The Viaduct Looms, released November 26 to widespread acclaim and attention from the likes of Stereogum, SPIN, Under The Radar, MXDWN and several others.

Montreal’s MESSORA Reaches Its Epitome Of Progressive Death Meal w/ Music Video “Forever as I Beg”

Montreal, Canada’s Messora started as a solo recording project with no clear goal back in 2016 and since then, has evolved into a full-fledged live band that is releasing a new single “Forever as I Beg”, a follow up to the 2019 album “The Door”. Listeners familiar with the album will be pleasantly surprised by this new, very long, single, which goes through the whole “album” kind of arc and progression within the single piece of music. You are meant to get the album experience condensed in a nine-minute progressive death metal song. Zach Dean explains the track further:

Messora exclusively premiere new single Forever As I Beg

NEKROMANT: Swedish Metal Trio Unveils “The Woods” Video

Formerly known as Serpent, NEKROMANT is renowned for delivering an authentic and effortlessly brilliant old-school metal assault. Standing on the shoulders of metal giants such as Black Sabbath and Pentagram, the band is well versed in the art of crushing riffs and powerful melodies, boasting a sound that echoes the might of the past with an eye cast toward the future. From a punishing percussive battery through to the Iommi-esque guitars, NEKROMANT understands that the riff is king, as demonstrated throughout their superb new long player.

artful Danish e-pop from Mew side project TACHYS out today

Tachys is still a pretty new Danish duo consisting of Jonas Bjerre (Mew, Apparatjik) and Tobias Wilner (Blue Foundation, New York United, Ghost Society, Bichi) and is equal parts pop and experimentation. Their sound incorporates a unique blend of genres. With their catchy songwriting, Tachys uses their melodies as a guideline through a mix of modular synthesis exploration, quasi-psychedelic pop, synth/chillwave, and nostalgic swirling shoe-gazey guitars. It all progresses into a blossoming dream-pop, filled with layers of textural electronics, catchy melodies and driving beats.

Skope Mag | “#Toyland” ft. Questlove, Black Thought, Liv Warfield


“Crooked Eyes” takes a slight departure from Sticky Fingers’ signature style. Stripped back to the bones, Frost’s warm, honey-toned vocals melt over clean cut guitars and vintage organ. Layered harmonies create a spine-tingling atmosphere, reminiscent of a gospel choir, which nods to the song’s narrative of overcoming your hardships and finding the light at the end of the tunnel. “Crooked Eyes” raises a glass to all the ups and downs, acknowledging the darker times and finding gratitude for ultimately becoming stronger individuals.

Black/Death Metal Veterans THULCANDRA Release Official Music Video for Album Title Track “A Dying Wish”

Death/black metal veterans THULCANDRA have frozen this autumn with the release of their bone-chilling full-length, A Dying Wish. After smashing the staggering opener, “Funeral Pyre”, ruthless “Nocturnal Heresy” and relentless “Scarred Grandeur” the black/death metal four-piece clashes in with another cold as ice music video for the title track, “A Dying Wish”.


“Always Been You” follows the release of “Sobriety” as well as “When I’m Not Around,” “Look Who’s Crying Now,” and “Upgrade.” Stay tuned for more from Jessie Murph coming soon!

#ATLTop20 #Certified !!! PRESENTS: Beatking – “SDAB” feat. 2 Chainz and Juicy J [NEW VIDEO]

Barlito Barlito “Marathon” Music Video | @BarlitoBarlito1

Barlito Barlito and QMG present the official music video for his latest single, “Marathon”. The High Point, NC, emerging artist opens up shop and let’s everyone know he’s selling gas like “Marathon”. Pull up, pay a fee and get what you want from the streets’ most respected hustler. Press play and check it out for yourself.

GLASSING Drop New Live Video for “Doppler” Exclusively via Heavy Blog Is Heavy

Speaking on the live video for “Doppler”, the band shares: “There was a lot of premeditation and meticulousness for most of the tracks on ‘Twin Dream’. For what it’s worth, ‘Doppler’ was not one of them. It was our intention that it should be crude and unpolished.

VIDEO PREMIERE: Glassing’s “Crude and Unpolished” ‘Doppler’

HORNS Release “Typical Teenagers” Video/Announce New Release Date

HORNS, the brainchild of acclaimed pianist and composer Simon Fache, has released a video for the song “Typical Teenagers”. The track is from the band’s self-titled debut album which has a new release date of March 3rd 2022.

New Video for Christian Parker’s Americana Road Song “Every Passing Mile” Depicts Obsession and Passion

Christian Parker says this of “Every Passing Mile”:

It started out as an American road song, but Every Passing Mile ended up telling a very different story. As it weaves through a haunting soundscape of minor chords and swirling harmonies, and images of man “counting wires and poles along the pine”, the tale begins to come into focus: a man forced onto the road, driven by a sense of desire he can’t escape. As he brings us into the chorus by stating “I see her with every passing mile”, the title’s music video introduces an evocative “woman in white”, a figure which follows him throughout his journey.


Catie first teased the confessional track on her TikTok, quickly racking up over 1 million views within 24 hours of posting the video. The honest track has gone on to rack up over 10 million streams in the 3 weeks since it’s November release and continues to stream over 2 million times a week in the US alone. The sound on TikTok currently boats over 40,000 individual creates and Catie has gained over 1.5 million monthly Spotify on listeners in the past 2 weeks. The track also landed Catie on the cover Spotify’s Next Gen Singer Songwriters playlist.

Riiyoo & Lil Lee “Snake on Her” Lyric Video | @LilLee_Riiyoo

Riiyoo & Lil Lee came through with “Snake On Her”, the StarDustSzn and Wyl produced record. The Sixx Entertainment duo are fresh off the release of their first full-length project “Untitled” and this one comes with a smooth delivery, paying homage to the ladies. Today we present you with the lyric video, so you can sing along.

INSANITY ALERT Shares New Music Video for “Shredator”

INSANITY ALERT comments: “The world is a shitty place right now, full of misery, diseases, fascists, hipsters and longboarders. But there is hope. The savior of justice and reason is about to come. So bow down to the promising super hero of our time. Beware of THE SHREDATOR – coming to you in a brand new music video and new skateboards!”


You may know of Julia Blair from her singing in the Appleton, Wisconsin country-rock group Dusk, who released their self-titled debut album on Don Giovanni Records in 2018 and received some critical acclaim from the likes of Pitchfork and Stereogum for their 2015 single “Too Sweet.” You might also know of her as co-conspirator in the experimental folk-collective Holy Sheboygan! or even as co-founder of the Crutch of Memory Enterprises label and recording studio. This February, Julia’s releasing her first official full length solo album on Crutch of Memory – entitled Better Out Than In. And today, Blair releases her lead single “Relax,” a super fun 90’s-esque pop song with an anti-folk flare. Featuring synth melodies, swoony country-rock guitar riffs, Sheryl Crow-esque vocals, and hyper-relatable lyrics, “Relax” is a feminist anthem standing up to the frustrating sexism Julia has faced both in the music industry and in her personal life.

Track Premiere: Julia Blair — “Relax”

Lil Rekk is Tired of Making “Time” for Those Who Don’t Deserve It in New Video

With over 5 million streams in the bank, 22 year old Lil Rekk (pronounced “Lil Reek”) captivates his listeners with his soul-baring anthems. Doing double duty by addressing the haters and the fakes, Rekk shares “Time,” his new video single. Rekk makes sure to call out the people who are only in his life when it’s convenient for them, saying: “I be tired of making time for em / They weren’t around when I was down / Don’t got no dime for em.”