Ellanora DellErba Releases Folk-Infused Debut Album ‘Lost To A Coastline’

‘Lost To A Coastline’ is the debut album from Ellanora DellErba. All ten tracks that make up the divine debut are swimming in soulful folk flavours as the album tells tales of lost loves and lessons learned. Ellanora DellErba speaks with soothing sincerity within her lyrics and it’s this candour that makes this debut so captivating. Whether it be the gentle textures created with field recordings or the strong thematic influences infused within the lyrics, there’s a beautiful ode to nature flowing through the album. The Arizona native has sewn together threads of vintage country, folk and ballad pop to produce the rich Americana tapestry that makes up ‘Lost To A Coastline’. 

‘Highway Grass’ kicks off the album with a windswept charm. Pulsing in the heartbeat of this track is a true old-school Americana folk feel. From the piano interludes, generous slides of the guitars to the subtle string suggestions, this opener is oozing soul. ‘Precious Time’ and ‘Little Dreamer’ then pick up the pace with an easy-going charm. ‘Lost To A Coastline’ may be an acoustic-centred body of work, yet each track feels fresh as Ellanora infuses new elements within each song. This album makes for easy yet immersive listening. ‘Starsong’ is another stand out as the soundscape is brought alive with nature field recordings. The ethereal quality of this track is made all the more magical with Ellanora’s uniquely tender vocal line. With perhaps the catchiest hook in the whole album, ‘Better Days’ oozes optimism and hope as Ellanora’s strong vocal line stands centre stage. She sounds stellar in this one. Ellanora leaves us on a peaceful note with the concluding track ‘Lost To A Coastline’. The contrasting sections of this track make for a captivating listen, yet the absolute highlight is hearing Ellanora navigate them herself.  Her vocals sail over the sonic landscape, whether it be the drum-driven chorus or the angelic atmosphere of the verses. Ellanora DellErba has a stunning ability to sway effortlessly between soft, intimate refrains to captivatingly confident belts. As a listener, we rise and fall with the waves of Ellanora’s vocals as we are carried on the tide of ‘Lost To A Coastline’. 


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By Sasha Lauryn