Tobias Sarra Creates Captivating Colour In Album ‘A Beige Kind Of Grey’

Every so often, an artist comes around that has no intention of following the path most trodden. They branch out, allowing their own artistic vision to guide them and become an incredibly captivating artist all the while. This is most surely the case for singer-songwriter, improviser and interdisciplinary artist Tobias Sarra. Tobias Sarra boasts a wide breadth of influence. From free improvisation, experimental ambience, folk and traditional work music to the more mainstream hip-hop, his musical landscape is built on firm foundations — and it shows. His discography is swimming with surrealist soundscapes. The kind you find yourself floating within, carried by the all-consuming current of the album. His recently released full length album ‘A Beige Kind Of Grey’ is the epitome of the mesmerising musical storytelling at the heart of Tobias Sarra’s musicality.

‘A Beige Kind Of Grey’ delves into themes of depression, obsession, devotion and redemption. Yet, it’s a subtle narrative that navigates its way through the distorted ambient and lo-fi wanderings of the album. From the nine-minute long, piano-meet-percussion opener ‘Mornings,’ through to the hypnotically hazy production of ‘Oh my Lord, I Love You’, there’s a sensational stream-of-song feel that flows through each track. At the heart of this defiantly diverse album, carrying each chorus through to the next is Tobias Sarra’s powerful performance presence. Confident yet not overstated, self-assured yet oftentimes tender. Tobias Sarra allows us into the intimate nature of his artistry, then swiftly lifts us into a captivating crescendo. It’s impossible to tell whether his lyricism is led by the production or vice versa. Perhaps that’s the point. Either way, the spirit of ‘A Beige Kind Of Grey’ is seen in the delicate marrying of sonic landscape and lyric. This full length album is an epic evolution for Tobias Sarra, who claims his inspiration lies in “stuff that makes me think, that makes me feel, stuff that makes me stop and listen.” It’s these exact qualities that pulse in the veins of ‘A Beige Kind Of Grey’ and make it such an astonishing album from Tobias Sarra.


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By Sasha Lauryn