Jay Elle Presents ‘Tequila Kiss’

A hint of tropical jazz enters into the equation on Jay Elle’s sun-drenched soul of “Tequila Kiss”. The smoothness of the sound comes from its unhurried rhythm. Guitar work features a nimbleness akin to some of Bossa Nova’s greats, just as Joao Gilberto and Antonio Carlos Jobim. His voice has an understated beauty about it. Sung with earnestness there is a degree of yearning that rests right at the very core of the entire work. Melodies have a laid-back quality to them as well, for the graceful glide of the groove adds to its inviting hue.

Right from the beginning it embraces a degree of the simple. From this quiet starting point the rest of the song enters into the equation. A rather catchy infectious hook gets explored in full. Instrumentally vibrant, he constantly adds more into the mix making sure to keep the listener on their toes, for it all has a considered, compassionate quality to it. By allowing all of this to interact there is a decency to be found here, one that feels ever so inspiring. Drums too work on an emotional rather than outright time-keeping aspect. Verses are brought together to show off the clever narrative, one that depicts what it means to truly want another. Towards the finale he lets this all burst in a bright brilliant display of color.

“Tequila Kiss” revels in Jay Elle’s uncanny poetry, for there is a romantic sensibility that feels absolutely engrossing over the course of the piece.