Working Class Hussys’ Release Heavenly Hook-Heavy Single ‘Elaine’

Working Class Hussys are on a roll of late. They continue to marry Americana flavour with modern rock grooves as they release a string of singles this past year. Made up of lead singer, songwriter and rhythm guitarist Ian Patrick Gentles and backing vocalist Paddy Lin, Working Class Hussys has an intriguing sound that can’t quite be pinned down to one genre. Through their discography, you can feel the Southern Heartland, Americana, alt-rock roots pulsing in the veins of their vibrant sound. Their upcoming single ‘Elaine’ is the epitome of their refreshing, genre-redefining approach. 

‘Elaine’ is a track busting at the seams with energy. We are thrown straight into the deep end as Working Class Hussys abstain from any sort of introduction. But hey, why not? When you have a melody as catchy as the one that runs through this track you might as well get straight to it. What strikes me most about ‘Elaine’ is the effortless evolution of energy that drives it forward. With one refrain, we are drawn into a false sense of security with the soft-rock style and in the next, we are thrust into a hard-hitting hook. The power behind these sections is immense to be immersed in. With a through-composed track like this, it can often be a challenge to create an interesting sonic storyline. Well, Working Class Hussys aced it. It’s an utterly exciting listen, made all the more dynamic with the grunge guitars and driving drum lines that create these colourful crescendos. It’s clear that there is an array of influences running riot in Working Class Hussys roots. At the heart of ‘Elaine’s appeal is lead-singer Ian Patrick Gentles himself. His performance prowess carries this track with captivating charisma and charm as his vibrant vocal line sails over the slick soundscape. ‘Elaine’ is a perfect showcase of his remarkable dynamic range, awesome belt tones and, of course, that signature southern twang. Once they’ve crept in, Paddy Lin’s harmonies not only decorate Ian’s lead line perfectly but stand alone as an essential element in the sonic structure. There’s a subtle softness introduced, a contrasting colour, that breaks up the heavier hooks. It’s a beautiful balancing act sewn into the powerhouse of rock grooves, hypnotic hook lines and vibrant vocal energy that is Working Class Hussys single ‘Elaine’. 

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By Sasha Lauryn