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KORE ROZZIK Premieres Official Music Video for Single “Vengeance Is Not Enough” Due Out December 10th via The Label Group

KORE ROZZIK premiered their cinematic new music video for single “Vengeance Is Not Enough” today. The single is a nod to the band’s debut record Vengeance Overdrive and will release via The Label Group on Friday December 10th.

“We jokingly said Vengeance was not enough so it’s the faux sequel of sorts” says the band. “It’s the bridge between the first record and what’s coming next.”

VHS Release New Album

If you want blood we got it! Canadian death metal gorehounds VHS are back with a new album of horror-inspired heaviness. This time, VHS plunge their fangs into vampire films with a full-length collection of nocturnal anthems called I Heard They Suck… Blood.

With songs based on vamp classics like The Lost Boys, Near Dark and The Monster Squad, the album will thrill death metal and horror fanatics alike. The album even features guest vocals from ghoulish allies Trevor Strnad (Black Dahlia Murder) and Dave Ingram (Benediction). While VHS mainly drinks their life-force from the rotten arteries of death metal, the album is a feeding frenzy of diverse riffs and bat-shit crazy ideas. Part Exhumed and Carcass, part KISS and AC/DC. Or maybe Pungent Stench and Impetigo cannibalizing a drunken skate punk. Sharpen your wooden stakes, because this album’s out for blood.


Jackson VanHorn – A Silent Understanding

Jackson VanHorn’s solo musical venture began after the disbanding of previous bands TV Ghost and Phases. After a slew of demos, self-recorded singles, a mini-LP, and touring, Jackson VanHorn’s musical craft came into its own with the release of last year’s debut full length, After The Rehearsal.

GODS OF DECAY Delve Deep Into Their ‘Collective Psychosis’

Collective Psychosis, the first full-length album by the Tokyo-based post-grunge/gothic metal band, Gods Of Decay is an eclectic interlacing of genres, styles, sounds, noises, images, ideas and words. As the guitarist and composer Frost explains, the band’s goal is doing something that no one has done before and he believes that Gods of Decay has managed to achieve individuality and originality the band has been striving for.

Alice SK returns with striking new vintage-noir single “Run Away”

Written in lockdown, when we all had a lot of time to reflect on life, relationships, and our own thoughts, “Run Away” captures the moment at when we start to overthink and analyse and start on a self-destruction landslide without realising that it’s happening.

Introducing Deanna Petcoff with new single ‘I Don’t Wanna Get Over You’ – confessional indie rock via Royal Mountain (FFO Snail Mail, Soccer Mommy, Bachelor, Stella Donnelly)

About the single, Deanna shares: “I wrote this song with my good friend Jacob Switzer over zoom somewhere during the second lockdown (in Toronto). We wanted to write something to stay connected to each other during a time of extreme loneliness and isolation, so we decided to take this small idea I had and turn it into this sad, Strokes-y tune. We’d both been listening to a lot of The Magnetic Fields, and really valued how honest and brutal their writing can be. We wanted to say something that hurt a little bit, was a little bit embarrassing, and ultimately the most honest we could be.”

EUROVISION; Alt Pop Giudi – CZECH REP Finalist

Česká televize have announced the Alt Pop artist Giudi and her song Jezinky are in the Finals of Czech Eurovision contested to represent the Czech Republic in Turin in May 2022, voting will take place 7th-15th December and the winner announced on the 16th December.

Giudi, signed to UK management company Minimal Surface company, has been installed by the bookies as surpise early favourite with the internet going into a frenzy with many suggesting it could go all the way in Turin in the Eurovision Final 2022 in May.

Punk Legends Dayglo Abortions Release “Sociopath” Track!

Canadian Punk Legends Dayglo Abortions release their next single – “Sociopath” from their upcoming album “Hate Speech” and premiere via The Ripple Effect.

Murray adds – “So…. This is the first song on side 2 of the new album Hate Speech. I don’t know if anyone noticed this but, we have built a system that rewards sociopathic behaviour and crushes people for being honest, free thinking individuals. In fact it seems to be designed so that all the positions of leadership are filled by sociopaths. Then just to make it real warm and loving, the sociopaths hire jock bullies to push us all around. Surely we can come up with something better than this.”

Secondhand Depression Stream New Video For “Victims Of A Victimless Crime”

Secondhand Depression Stream their brand new video for their track “Victims of a Victimless Crime” via Metal Shock Finland.

Secondhand Depression adds: “This opening track is reminds me of the more punk and goth rock styled music I listened to as a teenager. Type O Negative, Danzig, Sex Pistols, etc. I think this was the first song I used my Placid Audio microphones on, the drums in the verses have that lo-fi sound that I’m really into. I think this song is a good introduction to us.”

Metal Shock Finland’s Exclusive Premiere: SECONDHAND DEPRESSION – Official Lyric Video ‘Victim’s of a Victimless Crime’