New Video By Sun King Rising “Free Will In China Blue”

Sun King Rising delivers pure fire on the swinging swagger of “Free Will in China Blue”. Blues, R&B, jazz, gospel, and more filter into the truly unique mix. Volume is a given for theirs is a strong atmosphere, one that draws you in. His voice rises above the rest of the mix, but the rest of the group are no slouches. Instrumentally they bring it and it hits so very hard, for the horns, all that feels outright intoxicating.

Coming out swinging the song immediately captivates. They waste no time for they let the sound unfurl into a seemingly endless geography. Such a massive wall of sound they hold nothing back. Evolution of the groove and its exploration of the southern United States feels outright joyous. Due to this large celebratory spirit the song becomes a truly unruly beast. Vocals stun for they have such heat behind them, heat that gets punctuated periodically by fanfare. Rhythms have a force of nature aspect to them for they propel the whole thing forward. Layer upon layer enters into the fray for there is a burst of energy that feels so stunning. For the final stretch the whole band becomes one for it transforms into a pure stream of consciousness.

“Free Will in China Blue” stuns with its stellar lyricism that reveals a whole life lived to the absolute fullest for Sun King Rising embraces the world with arms wide open.