@skopemag news – sunday – december 5, 2021 @ 2 pm est

@skopemag news – sunday – december 5, 2021 @ 2 pm est

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MARIANGELA DEMURTAS Releases New Single “City”

MARIANGELA DEMURTAS, vocalist of acclaimed metal bands Tristania and Ardours, has released “City” on all streaming platforms. The song is from her upcoming EP Dark Ability which will be released on February 11 2022.

MARIANGELA DEMURTAS – New single released

John Dwyer (OSEES), Ryan Sawyer, Greg Coates, Wilder Zoby + Andres Renteria Share “Yuggoth Travel Agency” Single

Today, Ryan Sawyer, Greg Coates, Wilder Soby, Andres Renteria, and John Dwyer share their second single, “Yuggoth Travel Agency.”

Indie Electro Artist BAY LEDGES Shares New Single; Announces East Coast Tour 

Today, indie electro-pop artist Bay Ledges shares his shimmering new single, “Waterfalls.” The track is the latest indie-pop offering from visionary Zach Hurd. He explains, “I had been spending a lot of time in the ocean. I’ve always loved being in, or near, the water. It has the ability to pull your mind into the present moment, making you aware of how small you are in the world. More and more, time feels like the most valuable currency we have.”

SVARTSOT release video/single “Liden Kirsten”

Fresh from being signed to Mighty Music, Danish folk metal purveyors SVARTSOT released today the first single from the upcoming album. And, what a way to start showing music from “Kumbl”. “Liden Kirsten” is a catchy traditional anthem that the nordic six-piece re-worked to make their own.

“One of the lesser-known old folk ballads from Denmark, this song is about a king who decides that he wants to get married and have children without telling the lucky lady of his intentions first”, the band reveals. “Only after Little Kirsten has given birth to two boys does he tell her that he is the father and that she may be his queen”.

Stacey Pullen Puts His Rhythmic Persuasions on Display With ‘Feel It / Circus Act’ on Factory 93 Records – Dec 3

Representing the second wave of Detroit Techno, the seasoned veteran is the latest name to join the ranks of the Factory imprint. Staying true to the tradition of equipping a myriad of remixes and VIPs to a release, he delivers an exclusive new single “Feel It” with two distinct reworks, as well as reprising a previous release ‘Circus Act” with a Retool and Re-remix to round things out.

Artist: Stacey Pullen
Title: Feel It
Label: Factory 93 Records
Genre: Techno
Release Date: Dec 3


Drenched in 80s synths rewired for the 2020s, ‘Modern Justice’ is a bold statement of intent from Berlin-based duo Sweet Tempest. Musically recalling artists like Lykke Li, Little Dragon and La Roux, with Pet Shop Boys’ literate pop and Stevie Nicks’ otherworldliness among further crucial ingredients. The meaning of the song with the accompanying video is indicative of how Sweet Tempest never shy away from difficult topics, whether political, social, or indeed personal.

MAX PIE Release ‘Lucy’ Single & Music Video Feat. Simone Mularoni (Sunstorm, DGM)

Belgium based progressive power metal band MAX PIE have released a single and music video for ‘Lucy’ feat. Simone Mularoni (Sunstorm, DGM), the song is taken from their fourth opus, ‘Passengers’which was released December 3rd via Rock City Music Label. The YouTube video can be viewed here:

NEPTHISIS Releases New Song

Gothic music sensation NEPTHISIS has released the song “Locked Up On This Hill” on all streaming platforms today. The track premiered at multiple locations and is taken from her upcoming album Spiral Hollow which is out on January 21 2022.

The band comments: NEPTHISIS is thrilled to drop the hard-hitting tune “Locked Up on this Hill.” We consider it the spiritual home of our darkness-fueled full-length album Spiral Hollow coming January 2022. It is one of our all time favorite songs, and we are grateful for the opportunity to share it with you.

A GOOD ROGERING Release “Face Value” On Streaming Platforms

A GOOD ROGERING have released their single “Face Value” on streaming platforms. With a career marking over a decade, A GOOD ROGERING thrive on taking their releases in unexpected directions drawing influences from southern rock to primal metal and even the Romantic period.


Artist: Cesar Serena – Track: A Love That Never Tries

Thematically, Cesar often explores deeply personal themes with his songs. He wrote music about break-ups and relationships, but he also dedicated some heartfelt tunes to some of the people that are closest to him, including his beloved grandmother. He loves to spend time with his family, and some of his songs deal with the nostalgia of the good times, which unfortunately sometimes are destined to remain memories since, in the words of Cesar himself, time actually never goes back!

Artist: Jamarr G5 Jett – Track: Lil Country

I’m Jamarr G5 Jett, and Independent Artist from Cincinnati Ohio and I create music from personal experience and love to give confidence to the listener. My sound is unique and original, writing all my songs myself. This new track is called Lil’ Country, a western vibe with hip hop feel..how a cowboy feels about his cowgirl. You should check it out if you want to hear a new perspective from the status quo!