Sedona escapes toxicity with new single

Today, Brooklyn-based dirty pop girl group Sedona shares her latest single “Sharkbite” on Boom.Records. Sedona’s ethereal voice and exceptional songwriting quickly evoke a familiar feeling like a perfect brush of nostalgia, dipped in equal parts indie rock and alternative pop. The energy behind each song encapsulates a free, effortlessly wild spirit with an old soul and a strong sense of self-awareness that conjures up the romantic nostalgia of Stevie Nicks, the playful energy of Gwen Stefani, and the rebellious passion of Madonna.

With her new single, a follow up to her summer release “Bullseye”, Sedona brings to light the grim and exhausting issues found in a decaying relationship, full of toxicity, pain, and a dead-end feel that’s reminiscent of an open wound (“just like a Sharkbite”). Sedona explains, “whether it’s issues between you and yourself, or between you and someone you love, ‘Sharkbite’ is here to hold space for those who find themselves stuck in old habits that no longer serve them.” Empowering listeners to choose themselves and to cut off any relationship that is no longer working via a smoldering hook, daunting lyrics, and timeless melodies, Sedona declares, “your loneliness is not my problem, it’s yours”.