Do Penis Pumps Really Enlarge Your Penis?

The size of a man’s genital organ has always been a topic of interest for most people, male and female alike. Worldwide, a man carrying a larger penis is regarded as man-enough and deemed a typical example of masculinity. Bigger penis size has also been widely conveyed by the vast majority of people, as the reason behind pleasurable sexual intercourse and better sex life.

You can also prefer penis enlargement surgery to increase your penis size.

Due to this, the desire for a larger penis size has been prominent among the vast majority of male folks. 

A good number of men crave the enlargement of their penis size, especially if they have encountered some reduction in their penis size.

Hence, they turn to the search for efficient solutions to genital enlargement. Penis pumps have been regarded as one of the many options for effective penis enlargement. How true is this? Let’s find out.

Do Penis Pumps Increase Penile Size?

Despite all the miraculous assertions of an enormous penis, penis pumps are effective for just one reason alone – Assisting those with erectile dysfunction (ED) gain an erection. 

A penis pump is made to attract blood into the trunk of the penis so as to enable a user to attain an erection. However, over time, men have rapidly been making use of the device as a means of enlarging their genital organs. But according to most professionals, the change in the size of the penis due to the use of penis pumps is only temporary

Precisely like every other muscle on the body, the size of the penis can diminish without use. This is identical to the situation one would have in a cold shower. However, unlike a chill shower, the initial size of the penis will not return until the penis is exercised. Penis pumps, in a way, make the penis bigger but just for a limited time, which is when the device assists a user in obtaining an erection. After which, the penis will accordingly return to its original flaccid state. So no, the use of penis pumps will not give rise to permanent growth in penis size. A healthful penis can get up to 3 or 5 erections in one night. This does not occur as a result of a deliberate endeavor to obtain an erection. It is the natural way by which the body of a man exercises its genital organ. These nighttime erections will dwindle as one gets older. But other factors such as elevated blood pressure, cold water, anxieties, low testosterone, dormancy, diabetes can also give rise to a shrinkage in the size of the penis. If the penis has been inactive for some time, then it will need to be exercised, and it will grow. Nevertheless, it would not be much bigger than a naturally active penis, because when the penis was at the height of its health, it was exerting itself with nighttime hard-ons.

So, practically, with already active sex life, the size of the penis would not change much by the use of a penis pump. But if there has been some time of break or inactivity, or one has experienced some time of impotency, then a little growth is likely with the use of penis pumps. In some scenarios, the body would return to its natural functioning. But for some men, the need to continue making use of this device when engaging in sexual activity might become indispensable. 

Is The Use Of Penis Pumps For Penile Enlargement Advisable?

Penis pumps were invented mainly for helping persons with erectile dysfunction attain an erection, and can result in a temporary rise in penis size, but just enough for sexual penetration.

But most experts advise that there is no actual evidence suggesting that penis pumps can actually lead to permanent growth in penis size, and making use of a penis pump too frequently for the purpose of penile growth can cause damage to the penile tissues and lead to weaker erections. Hence, it is ill-advised if one is not happy with his penis size. Consider the use of penis extenders instead. Though they require usage for a long period of time and some degree of patience, they are effective penis engagement devices.