@skopemag news – wednesday – december 1, 2021 @ 2 pm est

@skopemag news – wednesday – december 1, 2021 @ 2 pm est

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Houston’s Jamire Williams shares rich and soulful new single feat. Kenneth Whalum ‘When It Gets Dark’

Leading a heavyweight band including vocalist Kenneth Whalum, guitar synth player Sam Gendel and percussionist Carlos Niño, the track presents a shimmering example of the drummer/producer’s intensely spiritual brand of soul as Whalum’s beautifully fragile falsetto are melded with densely-layered guitars, treated beats and atmospheric synths.

MIDWICH CUCKOOS Reveal Puppet Video For New Single ‘Crosses feat. David Rodriguez’ (The Casualties)

US Artist Lánre Shares New Single “LA”

Atlanta artist Lánre returns with his brand-new single, “LA”. The fast-rising artist has been going from strength to strength since dropping his debut EP, In My Dreams, last year. “LA” arrives fresh on the heels of previous release “Somebody New (graymattr Remix)”, which was supported by BBC Radio, and with his audience continuing to grow with each release, “LA” looks set to be Lánre’s biggest single to date.

Mandopop Band Century Egg Share “Mirror” Single Via Forward Music Group

New track, “Mirror” turns to the Asian pop and rock artists such as Faye Wong, Jun Togawa, Spitz, Cui Jain, Pu Shu, along with the likes of Stereolab, Sheer Mag and The OBGMs for inspiration. As with “Moving On,” this second cut deals with depression and the general oppression in life whilst trying to find a way to preserve and push on.

Binker & Moses return with new single “Feed Infinite” | Out now via Gearbox Records

Today, London jazz trailblazers Binker & Moses return with a new single titled “Feed Infinite”. The track marks the band’s first new material since their widely-acclaimed 2017 album “Journey To The Mountain Of Forever”, and its subsequent live albums “Alive In The East?” and “Escape The Flames”. The new single is ​out now via Gearbox Records (Abdullah Ibrahim, Graham Costello, Chiminyo, The Cookers, Levitation Orchestra).

Constellation welcomes Kee Avil, shares new song + video

Kee Avil is the project of Montréal producer, singer, and guitarist Vicky Mettler.

Mettler is a member of Sam Shalabi’s acclaimed Land Of Kush project, and has played in several other experimental, improv and noise ensembles. She is also a partner at Concrete Sound Studio, a recording studio and multidisciplinary production space in Montreal where she produces Live in Concrete, an online live performance series featuring Montreal artists.

Rid of Me (members of Fight Amp, Soul Glo, Low Dose) share stream of debut LP, Traveling

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania heavy, melodic, noisenik punk quartet Rid of Me, comprised of members of Fight Amp, Anxiety Spiral, Low Dose, Legendary Divorce, and Soul Glo, are set to release of their first LP, Traveling, via Knife Hits Records (digital/cassette/CD) and The Ghost Is Clear Records (vinyl) on December 3.

Mom Tudie blends Soca with beat-driven soul on jazzy new cut “Fear Leads Us On”

Ushered in by a stunning vocal turn from newcomer Nectar Woode, “Fear Leads Us On” is another charming addition to Mom Tudie’s ever expanding portfolio of lush, jazzy, beat-driven soul. Elegantly pulling together elements of jazz with Soca-leaning percussion, Mom Tudie then brings forward flashes of warm brass with colourful piano lines courtesy of London pianist and composer Erikkson Kaner.

Noah Klein shares new EP & Video feat Bearcubs

Over the last 3 years, German/American recording artist Noah Klein has emerged from the Berlin producer scene with his unique blend of crispy soulful RnB, letting us immerse our minds into his mysterious sensitive bright world. Today, he presents a new EP “after3nogoodcomes2me ” :

Artist: Aaron Janik – Album: Spectrum

Trumpeter and Massachusetts native Aaron Janik has been steeped in the discipline of music since the age of ten. His earliest introduction to music is by way of revered New England trumpeter Jack Martin, whose expert tutelage molded Aaron into a well-rounded musician, fluent in all genres.

Lord Stunnah – Love Don’t Live Here

Last year, his 2020 single “Zone” received placement on the NBA 2K21 Next Generation soundtrack. His latest release, “Love Don’t Live Here”, a poetic story over hard hitting 808’s reflecting on his past relationship is a melodic banger. We released the music video and would appreciate it if you would consider posting his video on their site. It is by far his greatest creation showing his upbringing, and extensive cinematic storytelling and is currently sitting at 50,000 views on YouTube.

The Linda Lindas Share New Track “Nino”

Los Angeles-based, all-female punk band The Linda Lindas have released the riff-laden power punk single “Nino.” The track, written for vocalist and guitarist Bela’s cat, is taken from the band’s forthcoming 2022 studio release.

NOBRO share new single ‘Julia’ via Big Scary Monsters | Mixed by Dave Schiffman (Adele, Charli XCX, Vampire Weekend, HAIM, System Of A Down, PUP)

Featuring Kathryn McCaughey’s confident, cocky yell and blistering bass lines, Sarah Dion’s signature backbone drums, (McCaughey claims drummer Sarah Dion will “go down in history as one of the best drummers in the entire world”), killer riffs from guitarist Karolane Carbonneau, and sweeping keyboard licks and bongo solos from master of percussion Lisandre Bourdages, NOBRO have become a rock and roll force to be reckoned with.


Blake Saint David, the Chicago artist/singer/producer has a deep affinity for Spider-Man. Their first memory is of seeing the 2002 Tobey Maguire Spider-Man in theaters. Having been raised by their aunt they relate to Peter Parker in many ways and references to the super-hero can be found in much of their music and interviews. Today Saint David becomes Spidey in their truly incredible new video for “A Brave New World”. Directed by Chicago indie creatives New Trash, Saint David contemplates what it would be like their hero exploring a beautifully rendered, digitally constructed world. The song comes from their recently released Sooper Records debut EP Be Your Own Celebrity.

Electronic Duo BEAUTIFUL MACHINES Release New Single “Control”

“We now live in a world, ever increasing in our reliance and connection with technology, which is advancing at break-neck pace, such that life becomes blurred as to what is really driving our motivations,” says the band. “Is it the multi-faceted algorithms and AI code which drive our ‘human’ behavior? Are we even in control or have we already lost control? These drivers become the gateway to further our merge between man and machine; arguably we have already breached that threshold. ‘Control’ is an invitation to a future in the making, as we quietly relinquish control.”

BillyBio (Biohazard, Powerflo) drops “One Life To Live” music video today

The song is a call to action in authentic hardcore style and epitomizes the PMA (positive mental attitude) Graziadei lives by. Video director Antoine Combelles says “we wanted to explore his message of “unapologetically being who you want to be” with a flowing sequence seamlessly linking people together in one place, one energy and suspended in moments no one can take from them.” Co-director Vincent Jacob adds “Billy’s music is a reminder that all we have is now. We wanted to capture the urgency of that message but also the positive aspect of it. Yes, the future is uncertain, so why not try to enjoy the ride?”

KROY Shares New Video & Single “Ryan Atwood”

Today Montreal-based singer, songwriter and composer KROY has shared infectious new single “Ryan Atwood” and its accompanying video. A featherlight, glitched-out adulation of the OC’s definitive brooding outsider with a heart of gold, “Ryan Atwood” relishes in the nuance and delight of youthful infatuation.

Speaking on the track KROY says: “Ryan Atwood is a manic anthem. The whirlwind of not knowing the ceiling from the floor, numbing your limbs with nights alone. The melancholy of teenage obsession mixed with the power of adult decisions.”

The Lumineers celebrate the season with “This is Life (Merry Christmas) featuring Daniel Rodriguez”

“I’ve been a big Daniel Rodriguez fan for a few years now,” says The Lumineers singer-guitarist and co-founder Wesley Schultz. “We had him over for dinner one night, and my wife Brandy – against my wishes – told Daniel one of his songs was a Christmas song. The song was called ‘This Is Life’ and she suggested Daniel add ‘Merry Christmas’ to the chorus. Daniel was not insulted at all, tried it, and liked the idea. It turned out she was right, and the rest is Christmas history.”

Blacklite District “Gotta Get Outta Here” (Official Music Video) – For Fans Of: Hollywood Undead, From Ashes To New



“Present” is the lead track off Khalid’s new tape “Scenic Drive” which will be released Friday via Right Hand Music Group/RCA Records. “Present,” which was written by Khalid came out in October to rave reviews with Complex praising his “…always on-point vocals” while Billboard stated “…the new song both embraces the tenets of old-school R&B while relying on Khalid’s warble to convey a sense of urgency, making for a nice reminder of the singer-songwriter’s talent and range.”