T.E. Yates is back with a new EP: Strange Weather

Singer and songwriter T.E. Yates has recently re-joined forces with his longtime collaborator Biff Roxby, a producer who has helped him bring his music to life for some time now. The result of this new creative effort is a brand new EP titled “Strange Weather.” Unfolding lusciously over the span of six intertwining songs, the EP is a fantastic example of how T.E. Yates has evolved as an artist, channeling different experiences both as a songwriter and a musician. The songs are personal and imitate, but also expansive and far-reaching, particularly because of just how diverse and one-of-a-kind the whole production is. From the expected acoustic guitars and vocals (the backbone of the EP, arguably), there are so many other amazing instruments, ranging from synths and brass sounds, down to something that’s perhaps even more unusual, such as a musical saw, a fascinating instrument performed by T.E. Yates himself.

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