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Hot Flash Heat Wave Announces New LP, Sportswear, Due February 11, 2022

Hot Flash Heat Wave is here to take you away—to put your head in the clouds for a few minutes, if only to enjoy the view. The San Francisco trio of Adam Abildgaard, Nick Duffy, and Ted Davis have built a loyal following and constant buzz over the last several years, with the 2019 EP Mood Ring standing as their most kaleidoscopic work to date. Merging the quintessential melodies of pop’s past with contemporary touches to forge something truly unique, Hot Flash Heat Wave is just starting to create their own sonic world.

Melroze’s New Single “Overboard” Dives Into a Love Gone Wrong

MELROZE grew up in love with radio- pop, country, rap, rock n’ roll- she loved it all. In college, she studied Classical voice and piano and began to write her own songs. In 2013 she moved to Nashville, Tennessee to pursue songwriting and a career as an artist. In 2014 she performed at the Troubadour Club in London, singing her original music live for the first time in Europe. She went deep underground after this experience to write and record the songs that she felt would represent her best. In 2019, she collaborated with funk/R&B producer Ryan Prewett to record 6 original songs which she plans to start to release in 2020. She considers her influences to be Banks, Fletcher, Evanescence, and The Cranberries.

Night Cobra Debuts New Video “Mortal Danger”

Night Cobra plays uncaged music for an age of discontent. The Houston heavy metal band will release its debut full length LP, ‘Dawn of the Serpent’ on February 11, 2022 via Irongrip Records/High Roller Records. Featuring current and former members of Eternal Champion, Necrofier, Venomous Maximus, and more, Night Cobra plays a fiery blend of scorching rock ‘n’ roll and blistering metal that “strikes fast” (Houston Press).

India Ramey – “Cocktail For Christmas”

“Cocktail For Christmas” embraces and celebrates the chaos of the holidays with a vintage country sound.

If you’re a fan of India Ramey’s last album, Shallow Graves, which put T***p’s feet to the fire and turned a strong eye on the dumbing down of today’s society then you’ll surely be a fan of India’s new single, “Cocktail For Christmas,” which poses the question “why not just drink your way through the holidays?”

Japanese Rockstars RADWIMPS Reveal Stunning Video For “TWILIGHT” From New Album “FOREVER DAZE”

Critically acclaimed Japanese Rockstars Radwimps have shared the incredible video for song “TWILIGHT” from their upcoming studio album “FOREVER DAZE”, set for Nov. 23, 2021. A small taste of their incendiary performances, the video is a welcome glimpse into the live world of RADWIMPS that we’ve missed over the past two year. “TWILIGHT” is the theme song for “WE ARE ONE,” the special project commemorating vol. 100 manga and the 1000th episode of anime “ONE PIECE,” a very popular comic about pirate adventures. To support the album, the band will hit the road for “FOREVER IN THE DAZE TOUR 2021-2022” starting Dec. through Jan. 2022, playing 12 shows at 6 arenas in major cities of Japan.

HORNS Release New Video For “Scream Scream Scream”

HORNS’ new single “Scream Scream Scream” is a glorious cover of “Sing Sing Sing” by LOUIS PRIMA. Devised by acclaimed pianist and composer Simon Fache, HORNS deliver an artful marriage of jazz and metal.

Metal Band Ventruss “Serpent

Ventruss releases their metal single/video “Serpent” (10/29) with MVK Music Group. A hefty helping of sharp-cutting guitar work slithers its melodic waves and tells a story. With the engagement of video work, lyrical content, and incredible instrumental positioning, every part of “Serpent” begs to confirm – Ventruss is a modern metal rock band to follow. “Serpent” builds and delivers a complete statement.

North Ave Jax Releases New Video For Debut Single “Trust Nobody”

LVRN/ Interscope Records/ Field Trip Recordings – Buzzing out of Burlington, VT, rapper, singer, and artist North Ave Jax has just released his new music video for “Trust Nobody” today. In the video directed by @itslovekelly, Jax is placed back in high school with ambitions of being victorious through his music. “Trust Nobody” illustrates how the smallest cities such as Burlington, Vermont has potential to bring out the next generation of power players.


After posting a short snippet to TikTok and the song spiking almost immediately the official release of the “CUM” saw a fever pitch of demand from fans and continues to stream at an explosive clip. To date, WHOKILLEDXIX have amassed over 100 million global streams. The new video showcases a twisted operating room where both Karm The Tool and Yung Skayda wreak havoc both during surgery and a chaotic performance on stage.

Highlnd and Zack Gray Remove the Blinders on Melancholic Melodic Bass Single “Pseudo Love” for Lost In Dreams – Out Now

The L.A native is ready to follow-up his recent release on the label following his vulnerable “If You Want To Stay” record alongside Zack Gray in August. Building on the chemistry they demonstrated, the two forces are banding together again on another electropop masterpiece. “Pseudo Love” finds its strength in an impassioned vocal from Gray, with his emotionally damaged declarations getting swept up in melodic brilliance.

Artist: Highlnd & Zack Gray
Title: Pseudo Love
Label: Lost In Dreams
Genre: Dance / Electropop
Release Date: Nov 19

Track Submission: Chace Saltzman’s “Bloom”

Chace Saltzman is a Canadian-born singer-songwriter based in Chicago, IL. After making a name for himself in Chicago’s psych scene as a contributing member of Los Gold Fires and Thee Casual Hex, he’s now focused on finding his voice as a solo performer. “I don’t think that I’ve suffered more than anyone else,” says Saltzman, “but I use music as a way of processing painful feelings.”

BLACK SITES Release New Video

Progressive metal band, BLACK SITES, have released a video for their song “Call It By Its Name”. The song is from their recently released album Untrue which was produced by Sandford Parker.

The band comments:

“We felt that this song deserved some visual accompaniment, and this video certainly captures the mood of the song. The guy in the mask is the infamous Max Headroom Hacker, one of the weirder unsolved crimes in U.S. history (look it up). Anyways, we hope you enjoy.”

The Slow Show Release their new song, Anybody Else Inside From their new album, STILL LIFE on February 4th, 2022.

Inspiration for the single emerged out of the unprecedented events of the past year with the band asking their fans to collaborate with them on a song, sharing their thoughts and feelings on the theme of isolation. The response was overwhelming and many of the shared stories, poems, photos and videos heavily influenced the final version of the single released today.

ICYMI: J Spills unveils video for powerful new single ‘Daylight’

Lilith Ai Releases Lo-fi Indie Gem ‘IRL’ with Cartoon Music Video

Mixing elements of bedroom pop and indie rock, Lilith Ai’s sound combines authentic lo-fi soundscapes and introspective lyrics. The artist is back with a stunning new offering ‘IRL’. Opening with a gentle guitar line and wistful vocals, the track eventually builds to an emotive climax with candid lyrics and vigorous chords. ‘IRL’ is a soft indie gem that hits you with feelings of nostalgia and melancholia.

Rina Mushonga shares new track “Everything = Personal”

Deceptively buoyant new track “Everything = Personal” packs a rhythmic punch laced with a cry of resistance. Hot on the heels of Mushonga’s recent single release “To Be the Birds”, Everything = Personal brings us a song embedded with similar themes touching on oppression, inequality and feminism.