How to Choose a Design Style that Feels Right for You?

We aren’t creatives or professionals. Perhaps it’s better to entrust the task to someone else.

If you often come across these thoughts, you aren’t alone. Many of us feel discouraged about doing the home interior décor ourselves. Be it a wall or room – the mere idea of designing something is scary.

But trust us when we say that designing your home can be a beautiful journey to self-discovery. You would be able to unravel your truest interests and reflect them into everyday things.

Plus, choosing a design style that feels right to you can be pretty simple. Find some popular décor websites for inspiration, try upgrading your furniture look with the help of such useful websites as, and browse the internet to gather ideas and purchase items you like.

However, if you still feel doubtful of yourself, do not worry. Today’s post is all about wavering off that doubt and exploring your unique home design style. Read more!

Find your Design Style Feel

Pause for a minute, go outside, and examine the house construction type.

Do you have a modishly built home or a traditional old-school one? Is it a laid-back farmhouse or a majestic mansion-like one?

You see, your home’s construction is a great starting point to understand the feelings you associate with your particular design sense.

Individuals who bought a modish house are likely to possess a natural inclination towards contemporary looks. Meanwhile, people living in old-school houses must feel drawn towards vintage and retro styles.

Thus, study the house type and figure out the feel you want to get from your home interior décor.

At times, people purchase or rent a house because that’s the one they could find on the budget. In these exceptional cases, the house style might not be a good lead.

So, get a bit more personal and examine your closets. The clothing style you prefer to wear frequently reflects your interests. Use it to choose the design style theme.

Design Style Themes

Indeed, every household has a different interior décor as per the designing individual’s interests and preferences. However, we can group these décor styles into themes.

In a home design theme, all elements of the décor coordinate together to communicate a harmonious feel. Here is a list of the trendiest home décor themes.

  •                     Modern
  •                     Scandinavian
  •                     Minimalism
  •                     Bohemianism
  •                     Art Deco
  •                     Traditional

Explore different themes and select one that radiates your preferred feel.

Gather Inspiration and Ideas

Once you’ve found a theme, it’s time to explore the variations available in it. For example, if you have chosen the minimalistic theme,  discover ways that people have previously used it to decorate their homes.

The perfect place to find theme variations in the online world. You can search on Google and browse through the images section. Or open up websites like Pinterest and Instagram.

Use these theme variants to take inspiration and brainstorm ideas for your unique design style. You can also read magazines and home design catalogs for ideas.

Create a Mood Board

Mood boards refer to the visual representation of ideas before beginning a new creative project. You can make one collect all the home design inspiration in one place to create your unique style.

Simple, take one board and put together the printed images of the ideas. Make a collage so that you can visualize how they would look when placed in a room collectively.

You can also keep things virtual. There are several online platforms, such as Canva, to create mood boards.

Go Shopping!

The making of a mood board would have already made things quite clear. So, now, move onto the final stage of the process – shopping!

You can visit online e-commerce stores and purchase the desired items from the ease of home.