Types of Car accidents in Seattle

Cars have become one of the most common modes of traveling today. In Seattle, almost 60% of the population owns a car. With such a high number of people using automobiles daily, car accidents can be a recurring phenomenon. 

Any victim of a car accident can contact a Seattle car accident lawyer for proper litigation. An adequate trial can ensure that the victim gets sufficient compensation for their damages, physical and psychological. Seeking legal action against someone who breaks traffic rules can also ensure safer roads for your loved ones and help prevent future accidents. In this blog, you will read about the types of accidents. But before that, take a glance at the primary cause of car accidents.

Driver’s negligence – a cause of a significant number of accidents

Car drivers have a particular responsibility when they are driving their vehicles on a public road. This responsibility is registered to them with the signing of their car license. Any breach of this responsibility can be considered negligence and hence is punishable under the state negligence laws. 

Now, look at the types of car accidents-

Car accidents can be of various types, and in correspondence to them, the victim will receive additional compensation. These compensations depend on factors like duty, breach, causation, and harm. While other terms are self-explanatory, commitment refers to the responsibility of a driver mentioned above. Some of the different types of car accidents are listed below.

Single-Vehicle accidents

As the name suggests, single-vehicle accidents consist of a single car that has been in an accident with either a pedestrian walking on the road, or has crashed the car into someone’s private property, etc. 

Hit and run

Hit and run cases are one of the most abundant car accident cases in existence. Many times a perpetrator decides to run after committing a crime to escape the legal action against them. In such accidents, a lawyer can help the victim by tracking down the perpetrator with the help of legal provisions.

Accidents caused by a fault in the car

Accidents are often caused because of a faulty engine, breaks, steering wheel, and whatnot. However, the person driving the car is not always responsible for such accidents. In such a case, a person should immediately seek legal help to punish those at fault. 


The state offers enough legal laws to help you out in such cases and keep our roads safe. So you should seek proper legal help for appropriate compensation for the damages caused by a car accident.