@skopemag news – friday – november 19, 2021 @ 1 pm est

@skopemag news – friday – november 19, 2021 @ 1 pm est

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Ghost Town Remedy Vent On“Winnebago”

Music City goof punks Ghost Town Remedy pack up the station wagon and hit the road in time for the holidays with new single “Winnebago”. Since long before Cousin Eddie rocked up at the Griswolds in his “tenement on wheels”, the RV has been a mainstay thorn-in-the-side of the American holiday experience and in just under three minutes, Ghost Town Remedy vent their own twist on a familiar tale. With vocal duty split between drummer Steve Lane’s ragged frustration and guitarist TJ Maher’s weary pleading, the band deliver an odyssey of cop-dodging, fast-lane-hogging RVs and belated apologies. All wrapped up in one of the crunchiest riffs yet from a band that take as many cues from Thin Lizzy as they do Green Day. Being stuck in traffic has never been so much fun!

Brandon Boyd’s “Pocket Knife” is here!

“Pocket Knife” is a harbinger of things to come on Boyd’s upcoming full-length release. The upcoming album will be titled ECHOES & COCOONS and will be released via Wit Hustle / The Orchard in Spring of 2022. The music video for the track, directed by Daniel Prakopcyk, will premiere at 9pm PT / Midnight ET on Thursday night.

Refreshingly Retro! Stream Jack and The Dull Boy’s NEW Album!

It’s release day for Seattle’s Jack and the Dull Boy, a prog-metal band unveiling their refreshingly retro debut album, ‘Failure In Three Parts.’

Sonically, the the album is a nod to the guitar (and synth) heroes of the 80s and early 90s but lyrically, we have biting commentaries on late night doom-scrolling, internet hoaxes, and misinformation.


An eclectic mix of Hip Hop and R&B, rap’s next big conglomerate Never Broke Again delivers gut wrenching raw lyrics coupled with hard-hitting street anthems, serving the clubs to the airwaves and everything in between. The compilation album features collaborative and solo records from Big B, RJae, NoCap, Meechy Baby, P. Yungin, RoJay, Herm, Quando Rondo and of course, YoungBoy Never Broke Again.

Artist: Andrea Pizzo – Track: Among The Stars

Among the Stars is one of our usual space rock songs, with Roberto’s overwhelming bass dictating the rhythm, Andrea’s voice shouting humanity’s enthusiasm for space travel. The song is divided into two distinct parts: one more funky rock and one marked by the polyphonic choirs of Andrea, who recorded all the voices, which speaks of the inevitable transition of humanity from man to machine, from homo sapiens to homo digitalis.

Smokepurpp & Lil Gnar Show Why They’re “Not Your Speed” in New Video Single

Known for his hard-living lifestyle and boundless charm, Smokepurpp can always be found causing a little mayhem while donning a mischievous smile. This time creating chaos with Lil Gnar, Smokepurpp shares his new video single, “Not Your Speed.” The song finds Purpp spits his mellowed, yet snappy cadences over an entrancing synth-heavy melody, using a new high-pitched delivery that adds intensity to each bar.

The Thing With Feathers share “Static” and announce EP

Today, the Nashville-based rockers The Thing With Feathers are thrilled to announce their forthcoming EP, Sundays in the South, as well as share the lead single from the extended play, “Static.” The new ballad, an atmospheric and anthemic evolution for the band, was produced by Owen Lewis and Ben Cramer. It marks their first offering since the release of “We’ll Be Fine,” a single the band dropped back in April. The EP will be available in full on February 18th via Fat Pipe Recordings/Kartel Music Group.

Parker McCollum Releases Video for “Falling Apart”


Orange County-based Hardcore titans IGNITE are back with their first single and music video for “The River” from their upcoming self-titled album. The track is a high-energy affair that addresses the heavy subject matter of the toll felt by those who struggle with the US immigration system. Led by new lead vocalist Eli Santana (of Holy Grail fame), the band’s latest offering follows their ‘Anti-Complicity Anthem’ EP, released earlier this year.

ONCE HUMAN Releases Riveting New Video “Cold Arrival”

ONCE HUMAN is just coming back from their long awaited tour in US with CRADLE OF FILTH and the new video/single “Cold Arrival” is their gift to the fans joining them in those crazy times on that tour! With “Cold Arrival” ONCE HUMAN release their third single from the upcoming new studio album Scar Weaver, hitting the streets on February 11, 2022 on ear Music. The song is written in memory of a friend of the band.

Blonde Diamond Share “Red Flags” Single

On the single, the band said, “Red Flags is a retrospective of moments leading up to the realization that a seemingly fairytale romance has slowly evolved into a dark, twisted, and manipulative stronghold,” said lead singer Alexis Young. “It’s the moment of clarity: realizing that walking away is stronger than trying to tough it out. And more importantly, understanding that you cannot try to fix someone else at the expense of your own well-being.”

Drew & Ellie Holcomb Announce “Coming Home: A Collection of Songs” LP; “Hung the Moon” out Today!

Drew & Ellie Holcomb announced today that they’ll be releasing a new album Coming Home: A Collection of Songs via Magnolia Music on January 14th. The LP features brand new single “Coming Home” along with some recently released singles, earlier Drew & Ellie songs, a cover of Willie Nelson’s “On The Road Again” and a new version of fan favorite “Hung the Moon” –

Rising Pop Artist Ravive Unleashes New Song “Social Shit”

Every feed you see is carefully curated. Photos are selected mindfully. Edits are made cautiously. Words are typed out with either no hesitation, or excess hesitation. The feeds that you see across all social platforms are put together with one specific goal in mind – for people to see what you want them to see. Online personas are often not fully and truly reflective of who that user is in real time. There are online personas, and realism. Many people tend to create assumptions about who another person is with a simple click and scroll. But the judgmental nature of that behavior is dangerous. Who a human is, and specifically how they act offline, in the flesh, is where true analyses of character should be built – not through specifically curated feeds. “Social Shit” digs into that, and the ethics of social media curation.


Masked Wolf explains: “It’s You, Not Me (Sabotage)” is about standing up for yourself in a relationship. Rather than waiting to hear the old cliché “it’s me, not you,” this song is about confronting the situation and addressing it head-on by saying, “I know it’s you and I don’t want to be around this anymore.” As soon as I heard Bebe’s original, the verses just started to pour out and I knew I had to be on it.

Paris Bryant Drops Emotional New Anthem “Run Around” Today

Bryant goes hard over the emotional piano chords and booming drums, questioning why a love interest is trying to give him the slip. “You don’t trust me / I don’t trust you either,” he sings with tangible pain. “I’m tired of waiting / I’m so tired of hatred / I’m gonna need a crib that’s vacant.” It’s full of intensely personal pain, but Bryant has a talent for making those moments feel universal—anyone who’s gone through heartbreak will understand where he’s coming from.

MARIA WILMAN ‘Plan B’ – Watch The Video

Maria Wilman is a musical force to be reckoned with.

Her journey to becoming the artist she is today is not a typical one and saw her begin studying the world of ballet, drama and performance, eventually moving into one of clinical psychology and a life supporting people through the NHS.

Darius shares ‘Oasis (Prelude)’ EP feat. Benny Sings, Wayne Snow, Duñe, Amaria & Flwr Chyld

Inspired by the mid-tempo, filtered French Touch of Daft Punk, Cassius, Stardust and others, and taking additional cues from funk, disco and R&B, Darius’ music avoids the central reliance on samples that characterizes the work of so many other artists working within that space. Instead, he builds his interpretation of French House around mental landscapes, full of symbolism and arrangements that move with a dreamlike logic, suffused with spacious breaks that spread out infinitely before your ears and immersive, echoing synth pads, a kind of cosmic, star-filled romanticism.


KiD RAiN says, “This is without a doubt the most honest and vulnerable song I’ve ever written. The idea of releasing it scares me to death, which obviously means I’m the most excited I’ve ever been to release a song. I’ve been screaming it in my car since I wrote it, I’m excited for the world to be able to scream it too”.

OUT NOW: Jaah SLT defies gravity floating on “For The Week” beat and bends reality in the music video

North Carolina has always been known for hot things, from the weather to the food, but it’s recently grown a reputation as a hotspot of talent, from Grammy award-winning J. Cole to rising hitmaker Morray. On a hot streak since dropping his viral single “Tuff” in 2019, Jaah SLT is vying to make his mark as well. Jaah SLT is setting himself up for the release of his upcoming album One Year Later dropping on December 1st via Alamo Records; stay in the loop as he slings his lyrics quick fast, but with purpose, making each lyric hit harder than the last.

NEWS: Julie Christensen (Divine Horsemen, Flesh Eaters) to release ’11 from Kevin: The Songs of Kevin Gordon’ on January 21.

When vocalist and songwriter Julie Christensen first heard Nashville singer-songwriter Kevin Gordon perform, she instantly remembered the first time a song made her cry. Having built her career forging connections through song — including stints as Leonard Cohen’s backing vocalist — Christensen knows the value of a sticky melody and well-crafted lyrics. But Gordon’s artful music and cinematically sweeping, vividly drawn emotional and physical landscapes reached her on a deeper level; she recognized their terrain, because she’d traveled it, too.

SONG PREMIERE: Julie Christensen Gives Soulful Treatment to Kevin Gordon’s “Find My Way”

New Single/Video by Sadistik x Kno “Neptune Skin”

Some scientists believe that beneath the atmosphere of Neptune lies a thick layer of ice being forced by gravity into temperatures so high that the hydrocarbons turn into diamonds, which then rain down into the planet’s core. A beautiful, shimmering shower of diamonds – some the size of icebergs, floating in an ocean of liquid carbon. Never to grace the human eye or mankind’s collective consciousness, but existing nonetheless.