Common facial treatments with cosmetic surgery aimed at face beautification

Everyone wants a beautiful face, and women are keen to undertake various cosmetic surgical procedures that help remove imperfections to create the near-perfect face that enhances the overall appeal. Young women are more interested in looking more beautiful and scrutinize their facial features intensely to identify the areas of improvement. Some might feel like improving the nose shape to make it look sharper, while others might try to scale down the features by cutting the excessive sharpness. Older women, too, are keen to retain youthful looks by doing away with the signs of aging that prominently display on the face. Some may opt for non-invasive procedures like dermal fillers and injections to stretch the sagging skin that removes the wrinkles and crow’s feet around the eyes and forehead which work well for some time.

However, Dr. Haruko Okada feels that facial rejuvenation surgery is a long-lasting solution that provides dramatic results. Some of the commonly used facial procedures discussed here are quite affordable and effective hence highly popular.


Cosmetic surgeons generally recommend the Facelift procedure to create youthful looks, making women look younger than their age. As the facial muscles become loose with advancing age, the face shape changes cause sagging skin. The marks of aging become prominently visible in crow’s feet around corners of the eyes, and wrinkles appear on the forehead and other places. The procedure of Facelift can address the issues by stretching the skin and the fold under the skin in the jawline and cheeks and at the same time taking care of other changes to the facial features that result from aging. The procedure consists of pulling back the flap of the skin on both sides of the face, thereby altering the tissues under the skin. The surgeon uses some minimally invasive surgical procedures to recreate the contour of the face for youthful looks.

Brow lift

To remove wrinkles from the forehead, which can either be inherent or resulting from aging, and to correct sagging brows, the cosmetic surgeon would generally recommend a brow lift. The minimally invasive surgical procedure tightens the tissues beneath the skin, creating a tighter facial skin that removes the wrinkles and makes a smoother brow line that contributes to the younger-looking face that defies age.

Nose job

Nose job or rhinoplasty is one of the most common cosmetic surgical procedures performed for cosmetic and medical reasons. The procedure helps correct the nose shape by making the necessary changes to create a shapelier nose that looks most compatible with the other facial features. Besides changing the nose shape, rhinoplasty can also alter the nose size by increasing or reducing it to change the nose’s appearance.

Rhinoplasty is useful for altering the entire nose or any specific part of the nose by working upon the cartilages and bones that form the nasal structure. The procedure might necessitate alterations to the skin of the nose to ensure its perfect alignment with the new nasal structure.