Indica and Sativa – Know the difference and effects of two different weed types

Today, you will come across multiple kinds of marijuana or weed. Simply put, marijuana indicates the dried stems, seeds, flowers, or leaves of the Cannabis plant. And the weed type gets defined based on how the plant gets prepared and the kind of Cannabis plant. 

The primary ingredient present in weed is THC, which is the chemical tetrahydrocannabinol. And THC is known to possess psychoactive effects that can alter alertness, mood, cognitive functioning, and cognizance. CBD is a substantial component in weed plants and has a relaxing impact on the person who takes it. CBD is also known for relieving pain. 

The two weed types and their effects

Two major weed types are available today, namely the Cannabis Sativa and the Cannabis Indica. To know more about this, you can check out www weedonline com. The various weed types get based on the weed plant they get derived from. Hence, their effects also vary on people. Let’s have a look at the two different types of weeds. 

  • Indica

It is popularly called Cannabis Indica and originates from the Kush area, close to Afghanistan. Since the weed belongs to a mountainous, cold climate, it is shorter and has a bush-like appearance. It has rounder, fuller, and darker leaves compared to the Sativa variant. Also, the weed buds grow in clumps. 

Indica has an increased percentage of THC and a low amount of CBD. Hence, it’s a potent weed variant. It can be sedating and relaxing as well. People who consume it might want to stay static at one place for a long time. Hence, most people use it before falling asleep. The relaxing effects of the weed create a body high. 

Since this weed variant is known for its sedative effects, people who have insomnia use it mostly. According to a recent study, the Indica strain gave more comfort to people suffering from pain and insomnia than Sativa. And this could be because of the presence of increased THC. 

  • Sativa

This weed strain is available in warmer climates, like South Africa and Mexico. It has thin, long leaves and usually grows tall. And it can grow under specific light conditions that need darkness for over 11 hours in a day. The Sativa strain has a reduced amount of THC and contains more CBD. Hence, most Sativa strains tend to have an energizing effect on the user. Usually, people consume this strain either in the afternoon or morning. Some people have claimed that the Sativa strain enables them to think creatively and concentrate more. This strain is also known for providing a “head high” instead of a body high that is usually the case with an Indica strain. 

Owing to its energizing and mood-lifting impacts, the Sativa strain gets used by those who suffer from depression. You can also use it if you suffer from chronic fatigue symptoms. The latest studies show that this strain have helped people to relieve a few signs of mood disorders and ADHD. 

These are the two primary strains of cannabis that you need to be aware of. They are both available online, and you can get them from reputed online stores. However, once you know the characteristics of the weed strain, you can decide which one you need.