Brian C Jensen talks about a few holistic practices that lead to better mental health during the pandemic phase

In the past year, the number of cases related to mental health has gone up. It’s not that people are getting depressed or are witnessing severe mental health issues. But cases associated with pandemic stress, anxiety, and mental stagnancy have been increasing. So, have you been feeling uncertain and lonely in recent times? If yes, you are amongst many across the world. Many people are feeling the same and searching for ways to cope with it. One of the best ways to manage this is by resorting to simple and easy holistic practices.

Easy holistic practices by Brian C Jensen

Holistic practices enable us to shift our attitude from a fear-based mind to more positive-oriented thinking. It allows a person to detach from the immediate surrounding and reality and focus on a mindset that would benefit them. If you want to attend to your mental health, you can opt-in for the following holistic practices during this pandemic phase.

Meditation helps to calm the mind

Today, most of us have racing thoughts. The pandemic has made us caught up in the flightorfight mode. It is necessary to reduce the inner stress and get into a state of calm, suggests Brian C Jensen. It is here that meditation can help. The meditation practice allows the mind to focus on a word, chant, mantra, or any object to get aware of the thoughts. It helps to stay away from the string of negative thoughts and gradually enter into a state of relaxation. It helps to calm the mind and balance the glandular system.

Deep breathing helps to think better

When you get tensed, your thoughts and breathing pattern gets disturbed. Hence, it is necessary to bring order into this. One of the best ways to correct your breathing and arrange your thoughts better is to practice deep breathing. Brian C Jensen says that you can take out time every day for about 10 to 15 minutes and practice deep breathing. It will help you to correct your breathing pattern and also help you gain mental clarity. It will enable you to think logically. As you get into the practice of deep breathing, it will enable you to choose your thoughts correctly to bring down your worry and tension.

Gratitude helps to shift focus

If you could scan the world, you would find that most people are palpable and caught up in a negative energy stream. It is mostly due to the existing fear and stress. No one knows when the pandemic will get over, and life will get back to “normalcy” as we knew it. Here it is necessary to practice gratitude. You can write your gratitude journal and be grateful for not getting affected by the virus. If you are employed and have been safely vaccinated, you can express your gratitude for that as well. It will enable you to shift your focus from fear to faith and will allow you to live well.

Holistic practices have a way of bringing about a shift in your perspective. Hence, it’s essential to count on it as you move through this challenging phase for better mental health.