FAQ Bots & How Easy They Are To Use

In the last decade, we have seen wonderful technological advancements taking place. These new inventions have certainly made our job as humans much easier and also helped in saving a whole lot of time. 

When we talk of FAQ chatbots, one needs to first understand what they basically do. We cannot just jump into its uses without understanding the basic concept behind these.

FAQ chatbots are AI powered programs that are pre programmed to handle questions that are raised by customers. This means that companies no longer have to hire employees to answer basic questions raised by the customer. 

These bots are highly complex systems. A lot of time and effort goes into programming a FAQ bot so that they can work properly under high pressure situations. Having said that, let us understand what exactly FAQ bots are and how they can help small businesses!

What are FAQ Bots?

A company cannot expect to grow without taking care of its customers. You have to make it look as if you care and also back it up with physical presence. Now, physical presence is not possible when we talk of helping customers. 

This is where chatbots or FAQ chatbots come into action. The entire job of handling customer related queries and suggesting the required action is undertaken by these chatbots. FAQ Bots also ensure that they have a list of all the frequently asked questions in their database. 

Also, they need to have the answers ready in their database. This helps them to be prompt in replying to all the product related queries asked by the customer. 

Easy To Use Factor

When we talk of the ease factor in using these bots, they are fairly simple to use. This is because they are designed in a way which enables the customer to easily access them. Also, the bots have all the questions that are frequently asked by customers. 

This makes sure that the customer does not have a hard time finding out the right or pertinent questions to ask. This saves the time of the customer as well as the business. 

In the end, the satisfaction of the customer is paramount when it comes to running a business. Growth requires a loyal customer base and faq bots just enable a company to extend its care to the customer. 


FAQ bots or FAQ chatbots are very important for any business that has an online presence. It not only helps the customer in practical ways but also is important when it comes to maintaining the loyalty of the customers. Additionally, it is a great and quite efficient alternative to human counterparts that can help in the growth of any small business.