HANNYA WHITE Releases ‘Wanna See’

Hannya White has had a pretty exceptional 2021. At the start of the year she was a new name seeking to find an audience for her unique electronic experimental sound. Following the release of her No Preview EP, that situation began to change rapidly with a string of positive reviews, airplay on numerous radio shows, a prominent feature in a podcast by two BBC producers and eventually a chance to curate and present the Freak Zone Playlist on BBC Radio 6 Music at the invitation of media legend Stuart Maconie. Now Hannya has a new single out and … Wanna See … continues where No Preview left off with carefully chosen pizzicato and staccato string notes dropping like rain around bendy synths and deep buzzing synths that sound like she is taking a chainsaw to the track.


As we wait to see whether the whole structure caves in around this daunting, destabilizing electronic bass storm, she continues to use glissando synths and occasional muttered spoken word phrases to strike that characteristic balance between her playful, fun nature and her desire to create dysfunction and chaos. Of course she retains control and delivers another utterly unique and refreshing track. With some memorable live performances behind her including a headline set at the Tomorrow Calling Festival in September, 2022 is looking like a potentially exciting prospect for Hannya.