Why Vinyl Boat Stickers are Ideal for the Seas and How You Can Make Them More Durable

In 2021, boating is set to be more popular than ever. Many boat owners had to cancel their boating plans in 2020. Many non-boat-owners took up the hobby during the lockdowns just to step away from society.

Many boating event managers are even increasing their events’ capacities by up to 30% to greet passionate boaters. However, one detail will differentiate the experienced boaters from the first-time boaters at these events – boat design.

Experienced boaters are very proud of their vessels. They want their boats to be the most attractive vehicles in the marina. That’s why boats with custom-printed decals and stickers are extremely popular at boating events.

How to Use Custom Stickers on Boats?

Many people assume that custom decals or stickers are not ideal for boats because of risks like moisture damage. Thankfully, the best boat stickers in the market are made of vinyl. Vinyl is a heavily processed material. It is designed to be resistant against saltwater and UV sun rays. That’s why vinyl stickers can be seen on boats throughout the year.

Here’s why vinyl stickers are ideal for boat owners –

  • Designed to Endure the Cold: Vinyl is a synthetic material that has undergone countless tests and experimentations for decades. Top vinyl manufacturers know that vinyl stickers, banners, posters, etc., are used throughout the year on cars, windows, boats, etc. That’s why they create vinyl stickers that don’t freeze up, even in negative temperatures. However, boat owners may have to melt and reattach the adhesives on these stickers if they experience freezing conditions.
  • Waterproof: Like with most synthetic plastics, vinyl is waterproof. Be it seawater or moisture – vinyl stickers can endure endless water exposure without losing their durability. That’s why boat owners who use vinyl stickers don’t have to change or take them off during the rainy seasons. The vinyl stickers stay strong across all boating seasons.
  • Aesthetic Boost: One key advantage of vinyl stickers is their customizability. Modern-day sellers of boat decals and stickers use the latest vinyl printing technology. From HD graphics to pictures – they can print all types of artwork on their boat decals and stickers. Plus, vinyl is UV-resistant. The designs, artwork, etc., on these stickers, don’t fade because of sunlight damage. They look bright and appealing in blazing hot summers and cold winters.

How to Make Boat Decals and Stickers Last Longer?

Vinyl boat decals and stickers are long-term investments. They can easily last for 7-8 years if boat owners take these simple steps.

  • Don’t use cleaning agents that contain petroleum distillates. Petroleum distillates can unbind adhesives and make the stickers peel prematurely.  
  • Always use cleaning products with zero harsh chemicals. Abrasive chemicals may damage the color of your stickers.
  • Avoid power-washing your boat graphics.
  • Use simple soap and water mixtures to clean the dust off your boat decals and stickers.

Make sure to apply wax coats on boat surfaces before attaching the stickers. Boat wax, just like vinyl stickers, is UV-resistant. Use vinyl decals and stickers to enhance the aesthetic and functional appeal of your boats!