Vibey, Alt/Rock Toronto Artist Delyn Grey Releases Official Music Video for “Set Me Free”

Delyn Grey is a Toronto-based artist looking to break some barriers via alt-rock waves. Delyn’s voice is rooted in the contemporary, but has a unique depth and richness of timbre, and maturity of emotion that distinguishes her not only from her like-aged peers, but from older, established artists as well. Lyrically, Ms. Grey reaches far beyond the typical love-and-heartbreak themes, which are superficially indulged ad nauseam by the vast majority of current commercial artists. Stylistically, Delyn bravely combines current R&B and electronic vibes with edgier rock elements reminiscent of the early days of Grunge, resulting in an accessible yet fresh, exciting, and at times even slightly dangerous feel to her music. From early choir-girl days to full-time legal studies, a tech industry career, and alt-rocker nightlife, Grey’s dedication to music has never wavered. In fact, she’d argue it’s only grown stronger thanks to the full plate of learning opportunities and inspiration. Delyn is a true force to be reckoned with.

Delyn Grey will quench whatever you are thirsting for. She is on her way to becoming the most exciting and unforgettable artist you have ever seen. Her innovative songwriting and evocative and haunting moods make it nearly impossible to shake, and she is some other-worldly modern-day mix of Jeff Buckley, Patti Smith, and Adele. But there are really no comparisons that will do this young artist justice, as her authentic charisma and enormous talent is unparalleled, making her a hurricane force voice. You will be swept away and maybe even drown in her dark and sultry magic. Drink up.