An Ode To Nature: Larry Mindel’s ‘Okarito Ways’

Larry Mindel’s most recent release is the remarkable ‘Okarito Ways’. In part a lament, in part a celebration, this track is nonetheless an ode to nature in all its splendour and fragility. Having visited in Ōkārito Lagoon, New Zealand, 2019, Larry Mindel approached local conservationists Swade Finch and Paula Sheridan this year to share their joint passion and love for this place, to show its beauty, as further protection is sought for the endangered lagoon and these waterways.

The song showcases a masterful approach to arrangement and production, with a clear-cut sound that reveals Larry Mindel’s musical identity. The meaning strikes hard like the best easy listening music, while there is also some nuance to it, akin to some of the finest jazz-pop out there. This comes highly recommended if you like great songwriting with some gripping storytelling, and a deeper meaning behind it.

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