New Video By Jay Elle “Miss Mess”

A limber dance track, Jay Elle’s “Miss Mess” offers a noir darkness to it. Full of mystery he ensures that the beat helps to give the track a pulse of sorts. His voice has a rather deep register about it for he delivers verses in a truly unique fashion. The word choice gives the song a conversational quality helping to increase that sense of intimacy. Yet by keeping things ever so slightly vague it does leave the listener guessing in terms of intent. Stripped down to the basics the track has a minimalism that feels particularly apt.

Beats start the track up. The groove establishes itself quickly. With the rest of the song the gauzy ambient wash feels wonderful. Upon his voice entering into the fray things start in earnest. His bare-bones take on dance has a reassuring aspect to it for there is a grandeur to be found deep within the whole of it. Intensely focused he makes sure to incorporate a neat balance between pop and dance, never neatly settling into either. Over the course of the piece, he makes sure to bring more color into the mix. Evolution has a naturalistic flavor to it for it has a swirling, almost shoegaze-like element to it, very understated. For the final stretch his voice begins to truly bloom, as the range increases and so does the sheer volume of the work.

Jay Elle pours his complete soul into the stunning and cerebral approach of “Miss Mess”.