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Listen to Belaver’s new single “In The R L” via Glide Magazine; NYC release show on 11/3 at TV Eye

Lain Prone is Belaver’s second solo LP, the follow up to his 2019 album True Love Of Crime. The record is produced by country musician Robert Ellis and spiritually influenced by Neil Young, Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy, Modest Mouse, Daniel Johnston & Bill Callahan. Lain Prone is sequenced like a novel: the opening track “Here It Comes“ serves as the thesis, and ends with the lyric, “I know it’s hard out here with all these assholes, with their laws and with their loopholes; but the worst thing that you can do is to think you’re not one too.”

SONG PREMIERE: Belaver Stuns On Proficient Guitar Driven “In The R L”

Nunki Bay Starship released their therapeutic album

Budapest-based quartet, Nunki Bay Starship sets the bar high with their new album called From a Proper Distance. As they explain, the title refers to the physical distance that we all experienced in the last 1,5 year as well as to the solution of our internal, invisible struggles – after all, every problem seems tiny from the right distance. On their second material they tried to be as plain as four well-rounded musicians coming from different backgrounds could be and fulfil their desire for a more cohesive sound. Dóri (singer/electric violin) explains:

AEON: Swedish Death Metal Veterans Premiere God Ends Here Full-Length

God Ends Here, the new full-length from Swedish death metal veterans AEON, will be streaming in its entirety later today. The album premiere comes on the eve of the record’s official release, this Friday October 15th via Metal Blade Records.


Bruce Soord comments “It felt really special to do this song after so many years, it’s still one of my favourite compositions and with Gavin adding his brand-new drums it feels completely new. From a compositional point of view, it’s quite unique in that, even though on the surface it’s a straightforward rock song, it travels through quite a lot of time signature changes. Although the key for me is that no one is supposed to notice that…”

EMBER SUN Stream New Single at NextMosh

EMBER SUN Are now streaming their 2nd single from the upcoming album, On Earth And Heaven, via NextMosh and Metal Underground.

Lorthar of EMBER SUN comments: ” ‘My Essence Fades In Time’ ; a very emotional song. What is left of us? Only memories. Existence is here for as long as we have memories. Memories are strictly related to time, since time tends to make people forget; and when we forget our memories, the essence of our beloved persons fades away. So our essence is something related to time. Thus, slowly, as the years pass, our essence fades away. It’s not a pessimistic view of reality, the opposite I would say. Make things that people will remember you by forever – Immortality.”

Pageant Girls Release Second Single “Complainer”

“I’ve always related to the subway scene in Possession. There’s something about the frantic desperation that makes complete sense to me. She’s controlled by something outside of herself and it’s making her crazy,” Jaff says of the Isabelle Adjani performance in the film.

“I wrote this song as a letter to myself about how everything is going to be okay. It romanticizes and deglamorizes the troubled female archetype all at the same time. It’s somewhat of an argument with myself when the lyrics pull in these completely opposite directions.”

Sam Weber Announces New Album “Get Free” – Out February 4th via Sonic Unyon

Sam Weber’s storied exodus from his homeland of Canada to find new footing and opportunity in America resonates like a classic story of pain, loss, and rebirth. That narrative thread is woven throughout his new record, Get Free, offering a warm, intimate, and multidimensional portrait of the 28-year-old singer-songwriter. With this new collection of material, Weber reaches fresh emotional depths, commanding more expressive personal moments than ever before—at times within the margins of a single verse. This week, Weber gave fans an early look into Get Free ahead of its February 4th release with “Money,” a breezy, piano-meets-fuzz bass rocker seemingly about what it means to grow up and be faced with the need to leave Neverland—or at least the non-fictional equivalent of it.


Norwegian alternative folk band Gåte has released their new single “Solfager og Ormekongen” today! This is the first single from their upcoming album “Nord,” to be released on December 3rd via Indie Recordings.

High Street Deliver Gritty New Video for “Bad Blood”

Lowertown Releases Official Video For “Burn On My Own” | Watch Now

Lowertown is comprised of 20-year-old bandmates and best friends Olivia Osby and Avsha Weinberg, who have quietly built a cult following while garnering praise for their moody riffs and lyrics about the trials and tribulations of becoming a young adult. From ad hoc, folky lo-fi soundscapes to more lacquered offerings, Lowertown’s unique brand of indie music is at once nostalgic and futuristic, chaotic and orderly, wise and young.

Elderbrook Unveils Powerful Video for ‘Broken Mirror’ Starring Darkwah; Directed by Jordan Rossi (Years & Years, Griff)

Elderbrook (he/him), has unveiled the official video for his new single ‘Broken Mirror’, the focus track from his new EP Innerlight.

Helmed by photographer and Director Jordan Rossi (he/him), in collaboration with multidisciplinary artist and creator Darkwah (they/them), this narrative showcases the issues that Queer people face moving through the world but aren’t often acknowledged or spoken about.