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@skopemag news – monday – october 11, 2021 @ 12 pm est

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WILDERNESS HYMNAL has released the stunning track “I Buried My Teeth” via Alternative Control. The song is from the upcoming split album with DUNCAN EVANS “Until Liars Fear You”. The album will be released on November 5th via Trepanation Recordings.

Javier Wallis of WILDERNESS HYMNAL comments:

“Demons are elliptical. We gain ground, sometimes watch them drop out of sight in the rear-view mirror… and suddenly find ourselves encircled again by the same teeth. Often, the teeth that haunted our fathers, and their fathers, and theirs…”

Track Premiere: “I Buried My Teeth,” WILDERNESS HYMNAL


Following on from the success of their previous, most recent releases – the compelling “Tortured Pleasure” and the impassioned “Birth Of A Tragedy” – Chicago-based rockers Bullet To The Heart introduce their darker side with their latest, sinister single “Heathen”! Showcasing its fast-paced and aggressive nature, “Heathen” takes no steps back and lets the quartet’s sinister side arise. Heavy riffs accompany singer Audrey Queen’s croon, ultimately creating an atmospheric composition, as the lyrics tell a story about the decision between fighting your demons or joining them, while this theme is embodied in the accompanying shadowy and chaotic video, which presents dark imagery to match the menacing vibe of the song as well, where Queen wears one demon horn to represent the decision to embrace her darker side.

NTO and Monolink release their powerful collaboration “Beyond Control”

Since last year, NTO has been unveiling new tracks, and making each and every one of them a step closer to his album, like diving stages. Also, his covers evolve according to each step, it’s like diving into an unknown land, that gradually and slowly reveals the theme of the album: «APNEA». Each single is an opportunity for an unexpected collaboration : Meute was invited to cover “Zig Zag”, Sofiane Pamart reappropriated with his piano “Invisible”, and Paul Kalkbrenner – the artist who gave NTO the vocation of techno – made him the honour of an already cult remix. The album APNEA was inspired by a meeting with Arthur Guérin, the Freediving Word Champion. As they spoke, they found similarities between his diving and daily training, and the way he makes music : They both need to be totally immersed, this allow them to feel close to their feelings and be completely cut off from the world.

Out Now // TiZ EAST ft BOJ and Donae’O – ‘Hello’

As the summer draws to a close, East London’s break-through act TiZ EAST is determined to end it on a bang; calling on the likes of BOJ and hit-maker Donae’O, they’ve created the ultimate wheel-up worthy riddim!


Mercury X is an outstanding progressive metal band hailing from Sweden. Mercury X’s music and sound takes inspiration from the early ’80s progressive metal bands as well as modern metal. The new album, “Imprisoned”, is based on their lives during the making of the album, taking the listener through different emotional stages with simple and beautiful melodies accompanied by rough riffs.

Bryan Adams announces new album ‘So Happy It Hurts’

Known the world over for his signature brand of feel-good rock music, today acclaimed singer/songwriter Bryan Adams releases the title track from his forthcoming studio album, So Happy It Hurts via BMG.

Burning the Oppressor Share Powerful “Martyrize” Video — WATCH

“‘Martyrize’ was written, a few years ago, in a surge of anger and incomprehension after news broke out of abuse suffered by a seven-year-old girl at the hands of her father and stepmother in the eastern townships, Quebec,” the band says. “The circumstances of her death sent a shockwave through Canada and authorities ordered a public inquiry to shed light on how child protective services could have failed so miserably, in this particular case, even though they were apprised of the situation well before her death.”

Out Now // Yatez – ‘Drowning’

Yatez is a new breed of artist that is propelling music into a whole new phase. Hailing from Birmingham, and already boasting a local cult following, thanks to previous project aptly named ‘Local’, his compelling style of soulful, harmonious singing is teamed with a mixture of spoken word style rap and eclectic self-productions for freshly released single ‘Drowning’.

DEVLIN teams up with JME, FRISCO, SYER B & LEWI WHITE for huge new track “Next Breed”

Recognised as one of Grime’s most respected and influential artists, London-based rapper Devlin returns with a high-octane soundtrack and a captivating visual featuring some of the very best lyricists including JME, Frisco and Syer B. Taken from his forthcoming album, woozy bass kicks combine with subtle piano keys and high-pitch vocals to create an intensely powerful atmosphere for the star-studded line-up to effortlessly trade bars.